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We are as selective about our supplements as we are about the food we eat.  So where do our whole food supplements come from?  From the oldest organic farm in the U.S.

Standard Process has been creating compressed food supplements from the earth's bounty since 1923 with the first whole food nutrition product ever created, Catalyn.   Visit our Product Page to read more about our amazing formulas …. 

The Herbal Advisor Online Magazine

You can read comprehensive information about natural options for every illness, condition and symptom from more than 30 years of Dr. Clickner's client experience.  Find out what lies behind the symptoms and get some great ideas by clicking on the image below ...

Is the water you drink dead or alive?

  Everyone asks us about healthy water.   Click on the image above for more information on the ionized water we drink in our clinics.


Everyone asks us about healthy water.  

Click on the image above for more information on the ionized water we drink in our clinics.


A conscious body is aware of its past so it can prepare for the future ...

Illness isn't something that begins the day you notice a symptom.  It began long before that with changes deep within cells and systems.  

A Naturopathic Physician helps you to understand the significance of symptoms so you can follow the clues to a solution.  Becoming aware of your symptoms and how they developed is what it means to become a Conscious Body.

Conscious Body Natural Medicine is a group practice dedicated to one thing … finding a natural solution for your illness. 

Children's Natural Medicine

We love working with children and hate to see them feeling under the weather.  Whether a chronic condition or an acute illness, we can help.  Click on the image below to read more 


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Do you know what your Element is?

We follow the precepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine in many of our treatments.  Each season, each body fluid, each element has an effect on the body.  Beginning with your year of birth, you can find out how the elements rule your life by clicking on the image above  ...

Cleanse of the Season

Each turning of the season brings changes and challenges.  We design cleanses for the body that will help you navigate your outer world while balancing your inner world.  

Our Spring Super Cleanse focuses on the liver, the lymphatic system and the sinuses to prevent allergies, clear our winter sluggishness and bring your liver back to life.  Click here to learn more ...

Try our new 21 Day Purification App

Now you can have us in your pocket with you wherever you go during your 21 Day Purification Cleanse.  Designed by Standard Process who creates our kits it will track your water intake, remind you to drink a shake, and even ask you how you're feeling.  With hints, recipes and more, it's a great help throughout the cleanse.  Available FREE on ITunes for IPhone and IPad, you can preview it by clicking here.


The Cycles of Women:
Menstruation, Fertility, Pregnancy & Menopause.
Dr. Karen Clickner has had years of experience helping women with menstrual problems, natural fertility options and healthy pregnancy protocols.  Get a natural opinion.  Click on the image below to find out more ….


Now you can give the animals you love the same great formulas you take!

Visit our Healthy Animals page to see what is available for your dog, cat or horse!

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