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What conditions have we treated?

Health comes not from a doctor, but from nature. The role of a doctor should not be to manage sick patients, but to rather re-establish their own ability to self-manage and preserve well-being.
— Paracelsus, the father of modern medicine

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Immunity Reimagined©

by Dr. Karen S. Clickner

Do you have symptoms that never resolve?  Do doctors not know what is wrong?

You may be experiencing Immune Dysregulation Disorder©.  This is a complex condition where the immune system has become compromised and symptoms have developed as a result that cross over systems and involve multiple issues.

Dr. Karen Clickner specializes in working with Immune Disorders.  For more information, please visit her Immunity Reimagined© website.

asthma, chronic fatigue, PMS, acne, insomnia, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, hypothyroidism, Addison's disease, lupus, Lyme disease, Epstein Barr virus, GERD, hives, tendonitis, ear infections, colds, dry eyes, diabetes, vertigo, hemorrhoids, tachycardia, shingles, yeast infections, fungal infections, heart disease, gout, diaper rash, bruising, carpal tunnel, arthritis, miscarriage, stomach ulcers, pneumonia, muscle injury, infertility, kidney stones, alopecia, hepatitis, gall stones, fibromyalgia, diverticulitis, endometriosis, high cholesterol, autism, adrenal exhaustion, high blood pressure, fever blisters, hay fever, nausea, restless leg syndrome, tooth pain, urinary tract infections, fibroids, tinnitis, snoring, post nasal drip, ovarian cysts, multiple sclerosis, liver disease, laryngitis, leaky gut, Hashimoto's disease, dyslexia, erectile dysfunction, poor circulation, alcoholism, allergies, anemia, eclampsia, halitosis, menorrhagia, mononucleosis, retinitis, phlebitis, sprains, weight loss, sore throat, staph infection, polyps, muscle cramps, impetigo, headaches, eczema, colic, colitis, back pain, altitude sickness, angina, anxiety, ADD, bacterial infection, bed sores, TMJ, tonsilitis, toothache, stomach pain, stress, sugar cravings, excessive sweating, rosacea, sciatica, scleroderma, seizures, sports injuries, pleurisy, pregnancy support, psoriasis, neuropathy, nightmares, night sweats, numbness, osteoporosis, pain, panic attacks, parasites, Parkinson's disease, morning sickness, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, brittle nails, nephritis, neuralgia, leukopenia, low sex drive, loss of smell, low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, mastitis, Meniere’s disease, menopause, impotency, incontinence, indigestion, inflammation, interstitial cystitis, kidney cysts, knee pain, hiatal hernia, herpes, immune deficiency, autoimmunity, fever, bloating, food poisoning, gastritis, edema, emphysema, epilepsy, blurry vision, cystic fibrosis, cystitis, dandruff, depression, dermatitis, dizziness, congestive heart failure, croup, concussion, breast tenderness, bronchitis, burns, calcium deficiency, candida, canker sores, cataracts, Celiac Sprue, bedwetting, benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder infections, bleeding gums, body odor..


The Herbal Advisor Online Magazine

To explore more information about conditions we have treated, please visit our online magazine, The Herbal Advisor.  You can search by condition, symptom, subject or word.


Health is a process, not a goal. Our body moves towards health naturally. Only when this movement is compromised by our unconscious actions every day, does disease begin.”

- Dr. Karen S. Clickner


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Guide to Our Natural Therapies

Do you need help? 
Are you looking for advice?  We are here to really listen because you know more about your condition than anyone ...

Where to begin?

At Conscious Body, we provide not just the most effective natural therapies, but we also offer a number of unique and incredible testing options.  You can begin with an incredible therapy to reduce symptoms, get a complete picture with Genetic Testing or Regulation Thermometry, or sit down with Dr. Clickner or Dr. Poe.

About five and a half years ago, I started to feel very tired all the time and gained weight that I couldn’t take off. I went to see my doctor and she did some blood work to check my thyroid and said that everything was fine and that I needed to go on a diet, reduce stress and exercise. I was frustrated and angry because I knew deep down that something was wrong.

I suffered with this for four years, waking up completely exhausted and finding it very difficult to get out of bed. A friend had found out about Conscious Body Natural Medicine and urged me to contact them to find out what was wrong with me. And that is how I found Karen.

My first appointment was mind blowing because she seemed to know exactly what was wrong. Incredibly I could tell within 2 hours of taking my first dose of supplements that things were working! I feel great now! I’m so happy I found Karen, she gave me my life back.
— L.S.