Dear Dr. Karen - My daughter has been doing FANTASTIC since we saw you last week! She was tantrum/meltdown free.
— K.G.

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My son is doing really well! He told me that he sleeps much deeper than ever and therefore feels more refreshed. … And this with only one drop daily of the homeopathic remedy you suggested !
— A.M.

Solutions for Children & Infants

As parents we want our children to be happy and healthy.  Health is a journey that every child makes from the moment they are born until they leave the nest as adults.  Conventional medicine has offered little for children's health except for vaccinations and antibiotics, both of which are fraught with side effects, real concerns and parental worry.  The more we learn about antibiotics, the more we realize they should be the exception, not the rule.  The more we learn about vaccinations, the more we question our whole view of a child's immunological development.

Here at Conscious Body, we love to help you guide your children along that journey.  We have worked with everything from infant eczema and regurgitation to infections, seizure disorders and ADD/ADHD.  Over the past 20 years we have learned quite a bit about the development of children's immune responses.  We are here to share all of our experience and information with you.  We can help you find natural solutions for every childhood challenge and advise you about natural homeopathics, herbals and food concentrates that will truly make a difference.

Natural Medicine During Infancy

During infancy, and often shortly after birth, many children have symptoms that are caused by continuing development of their organs, structure and immunology.  Temperature fluctuations, excessive mucous, colic or gas, skin rashes and eczema, even micro-seizures during fevers can scare a parent to death!  All of these things are normal 99% of the time.  Especially if an infant is premature, there are continuing growth and development changes that must take place.

This is especially true in the digestive tract.  Regurgitation, stomach pain, constipation or poor reactions to formula are easy symptoms to treat naturally.  Here is an example of our tried and true solution for regurgitation instead of putting your newborn on Prilosec:

Take 2-3 drops of Meadowsweet extract or tincture (*be sure to decoct the alcohol if it is alcohol-derived) and mix it with a little breast milk or formula, just an ounce is enough.  Put it into a syringe and give it orally to your baby after every feeding.  This will help to soothe your baby's raw stomach and gradually help your infant adjust to proper stomach acidity.

Constipation challenges?  Try 5 ml. of brewed Slippery Elm Tea after every feeding.  

Want our personalized help with your infant?  We only charge $50.00 for infants and children for a full evaluation!

Common Children's Complaints

Throughout childhood and early adolescence, there are many common ailments that respond beautifully to natural medicine with or without conventional medications as well.  There is not a single illness, regardless of severity, that cannot be approached with natural remedies, and often more successfully than pharmaceuticals.  We use homeopathics, organic food concentrates, vitamin and mineral therapy as well as old-fashioned remedies and dietary advice to give you peace of mind and restore health to your child.  Whatever condition your child is suffering with, we've seen it before and we can help.  Here are some of the things that we have treated and supported successfully in our pediatric patients:

Chronic ear infections * Tonsillitis * Colic * Acid Reflux * Febrile seizures * Eczema * Hives * Slow growth * Early puberty * Food allergies * Warts * Viruses * Chronic bacterial infections * Strep throat * Mumps * Pinkeye* Fevers * ADD/ADHD * Autism * Night terrors * Insomnia * Vision weakness * RSV * Roseola * Gastroenteritis * Concussion * Coxsackie Virus * Flu * Chickenpox * Diaper Rash * Worms * Bed Wetting * Constipation * Temper tantrums * Nausea * Crying * Tourette's Syndrome & Tics * Asthma * Allergies * Celiac * Lupus * Asperger * Epilepsy * Lyme Disease * Diarrhea * Adenoids * Diabetes * Genetic Disorders * Anemia * Heart Murmurs * Nephrotic Syndrome * Dyslexia * Sleepwalking * Menstrual Disorders

For example, chronic ear infections?  Give your child 1 high grade Goldenseal tablet each day at breakfast (which can be crushed and put in food from 1 year on), and daily drops of warm Mullein  and Garlic oil in the affected ears.  You'll be amazed!