Complete Chiropractic Care

with Dr. Rick Rogers, D.C.

Dr. Rogers in his garden

Dr. Rogers in his garden

The history of chiropractic dates from the first school of chiropractic established in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer in Iowa.  This developed the study of joints into a system that addresses the misalignment of a key bone at the base of the skull called the "atlas" and the resulting misalignments of various bones throughout the body.  These misalignments can have an effect on organs, glands and other body tissues creating chronic symptoms including pain, inflammation and even allergies. 

There are so many people that suffer from daily unresolved pain and inflammation, relying on prescriptions with little hope of complete relief, nor of living without their daily medication.  Chirowellness views these chronic unresolved issues as the strongest indicators of areas of possible misalignment or instability caused by everyday activity, sports related incidences, trauma, accidents and even dietary habits, resulting in visceral somatic responses.  Even the most recent symptoms in organs and muscles can therefore be related to traumas that occurred years in the past challenging the body’s resources and weakening immunity and energy.  In this way, an improper movement of a joint can create years of reactions involving the heart, stomach, circulation and even the brain. Unresolved symptoms truly mean that the cause is unresolved as well.

Dr. Rogers' ChiroWellness sessions have taken on a multi-faceted approach which acknowledge the role that diet, nutrition and other factors play in overall health.  It is this combination of factors which can finally explain many unresolved symptoms and conditions, and therefore offer a potential solution to even years of discomfort.  Dr. Rogers' sessions begin with a comprehensive evaluation and review of health history including illnesses, diet, physical injury and range of motion.  Even injuries or illnesses from years ago can be a perpetuating factor in today’s discomfort.  The resulting therapy can include manual joint manipulation, Craniopathy, Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique and dietary direction.  These sessions give you a very personal approach and the time needed to truly understand your structure's needs. 

Manual Chiropractic Adjusting

Craniopathic Bodywork

Chiropractic Manipulation Reflex Technique

"Don’t settle for the idea that your pain is all in your head because it may actually be in your neck, your wrists, your knees or even your feet." 

Appointments are provided at Dr. Roger's office in Northborough, MA.  For information, please call his office directly at (508) 393-7512.

Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT)

CMRT was a technique originally known as "bloodless surgery" where reflex points would be pressed to reduce congestion and symptoms in corresponding organs.  This technique was practiced and refined by Major Bertrand DeJarnette who mapped out the reflex points for everything from the iliocecal valve to the gallbladder and pancreas.  This technique can help to alleviate pain, discomfort and chronic symptoms in all parts of the body that may originate in the visceral organs.   In this way digestion, circulation, heart function, blood pressure and even menstrual disorders can be addressed.

Chiropractic Craniopathy

This is an advanced form of Sacro-Occipital technique (SOT) focusing on the physical position of the 22 interlinked bones of the skull and how the position of these bones affects cerebro-spinal fluid and the health of the entire central nervous system.  Light adjustments are made to the head to realign the cranial bones which are barely noticeable, but provide profound changes in the senses, head pain, nerve symptoms and brain function.

Manual Chiropractic Joint Manipulation

This is the traditional approach to realignment of joints.  This gentle hands-on approach can realign everything from the bones in the head to the heels of the feet.  Misalignment of joints can contribute to reflexive pain in nearby and dependent joints, poor postural alignment during movement and premature erosion of joint surfaces (arthritis).  By maintaining healthy alignment of all joints in the body, you can experience a lifetime of healthy joint use, ease of movement and optimal organ function.