Essential Oil Blends for the Conscious Body

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Dr. Dick Versendaal and his CRA Testing

Dr. Dick Versendaal and his CRA Testing


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Directions for Use

These essential oil blends are not to be taken internally.

They work transdermally, meaning their effects are experienced by absorbing the oils through the skin.

Put a few drops onto the skin with the fingertips. The back of the neck and the forehead are essential and then apply over the affected area.


One of the most fascinating aspects of healing is that unresolved emotional injury is seen by the body as physical injury that has never healed …

For many years I studied under pioneers of Muscle Testing Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. Dick Versendaal and one of the key things I learned from them was that emotional injury is seen by the body in the same way as physical injury. Because emotions are chemicals and because they can change how the body functions, they can have just as severe an impact on your health as sustaining a concussion. In this way the body reacts to emotional injury as though you have a physical injury that never heals. This is interrelated with your memory, your senses, your “fight or flight” response and almost every system of the body.

Treating the body medicinally means addressing all the factors and tissues that are affected by a condition. When it comes to deep unresolved emotional trauma Dr. Versendaal took this idea to heart by focusing on “relieving” the emotional congestion of the heart. He did this by creating an essential oil blend with high quality oils to treat the heart. He felt the heart was the most vital of our organs and determined not just the health of our body but the quality of our life. Knowing that emotional “heartbreak” could produce symptoms of A-Fib, congestive heart failure and even heart attack, he created Heart Harmony. Just a few drops daily over the heart, on the forehead and the back of the neck would reduce symptoms because it was helping to release the anguish stored in the heart muscle of “heartbreak”.

This concept of stored emotional trauma explains many people’s inability to “let go” of feelings of anguish, fear, depression, anxiety and even self-harm. So six formulas were created to help reduce the hold emotional trauma has on the body’s ability to heal.

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Heart Harmony - over a lifetime the heart endures traumas and emotionally painful situations. Physical injuries from accidents, chemicals, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle also affect the heart. As the “queen bee” of the body, every gland and organ will work overtime to support a heart that is tired, weakened or broken. This is a blend of 17 essential oils formulated to restore a healthy emotional balance between the heart and the brain releasing heart stress and feelings of anxiety that won’t resolve.

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Immune Harmony - this blend of oils maximizes the effectiveness of the body’s immune filtering systems including lymph glands, tonsils, kidneys, bladder and spleen. When these are not functioning optimally immune symptoms and syndromes can occur: allergies, head colds, coughs, eczema, rashes, urinary tract infections, swollen tonsils, fever, headaches and dry eyes, varicose veins, cystitis and cellulitis. When too much is being pushed through too quickly from the environment, from our own cells, from emotional assaults, from pathogens, then the immune filtering system suffers.

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Present Moment - Focusing and staying in the moment can be difficult at times. Stress can be overwhelming and caused by many things both past and present. Some carry the effects of stress in their heart while others carry the effects in their brain and all experience thyroid burdening. What Dr. Versendaal called “heavy brain emotions” can lead to physical symptoms and syndromes including depression and self-abuse. This blend supports the thyroid as well as the brain prompting release and recovery from intense emotions that will not resolve and a return to focus and equillibrium.

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Sore to Soar - What hurts? Is it your eyes, knees, hips? Is it your nerves, bones or muscles? Is it a sore throat, a burn or a traumatic injury? Or is it instead grief, fear, panic or another incredibly strong emotional pain? Emotional pain goes hand in hand with chronic physical pain, the pain and hopelessness of a seemingly endless journey. Sore to Soar’s beautiful blend of oils is designed to address both the physical and emotional aspects of pain that often results in sore or inflammatory responses like fear and anger.

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Elite Harmony - when the body can no longer resits pathogenic infection or is dealing with multiple assaults, an autoimmune situation begins. It creates a domino effect as the brain, heart, digestive and other systems of the body work overtime to compensate and support the weakened and dysregulated immune system. The result is a long list of chronic life-altering syndromes that appeared because of many layers of stress and imbalance. This is an equal combination of the other five Vervita Essential oil blends that works to prevent, manage and resolve autoimmune syndromes. This is done by balancing the emotions and body’s immune, circulatory, digestive and neurological systems.

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Black Cumin Oil - this is a highly therapeutic grade of essential oil of black cumin, revered for thousands of years as a “miracle cure”. Research in the last 40-50 years has revealed that it contains over 100 health promoting components that synergistically balance the body’s systems and structures. It contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids including omega 3 and omega 6, Vitamin B complex, 9 essential amino acids, calcium iron, sodium and potassium. It is antimicrobial, antiseptic, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, anti-parasitic and antihistamine.