European Regulation Thermography Testing

Regulation Thermography performed with a highly sensitive heat probe can identify over 50 health priorities including heavy metal toxicity, systemic virus, thyroid hypofunction and global immune stress.

The original thermal testing technology

Recently you may have begun to see the technology of Thermography appear at various Imaging offices.  The picture to the left is what you may have seen.  This provides nothing more than a visual image of the body tissue and a general idea of cyst formation (often called Computerized Regulation Thermography or CRT).  European Regulation Thermography on the right is much more comprehensive, deeper and more accurate.  It provides seven pages of specific, personalized information for you, about you.  

Based on 30 years of patented research and use by physicians in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the European Regulation Thermography scan is the first diagnostic step used at some of the world's most famous health clinics such as The Paracelsus Klinik of Dr. Thomas Rau in Switzerland and the Sophia Health Clinic of Dr. Klinghardt in Seattle, WA.  It is a dynamic and innovative way to screen for more than 40 disease patterns in the body, raising a red flag up to a year ahead of other testing methods.  It tracks your Autonomic nervous system and blood flow responses, pinpoints areas of congestion, potential cyst formation and poor circulation.  

Disease and symptoms are not just physical, they are physiological.  They are the result of blocked regulation ...

This is why a simple thermal image isn't enough.  Because you have to see if tissue is regulating, not just whether it has cysts.  Healthy tissue is able to easily maintain its metabolism.  It oxygenates, it detoxifies, it regulates its nutrients and its immunity.  It is regulated.  That's the secret of evaluating true tissue health.  By looking at the regulation of each organ, gland and tissue.

  • How many blocks are there to the delivery of oxygen and nutrition?

  • How much toxic accumulation is present, causing congestion to blood and lymph?

  • How well can immune cells saturate and protect a tissue?

  • How are the breasts and the prostate affected by the regulation of the body?

  • What meridians are being affected by our dental health?

Your organs are only as healthy as the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that controls them. It’s this involuntary part of your nervous system that performs every metabolic process in your whole body, from your heartbeat and digesting to bone building and wound healing. These German doctors and scientists knew that if they could understand the details of where a patient’s ANS is not working well and why, then they could address the underlying causes of a disease process and set the ANS free to heal and restore the body.

Thermography testing probe

Thermography testing probe

How is this test done and how accurate is it?

This isn't based on a camera image.  This is a test that uses a heat-sensitive probe to measure the skin temperature at 100 individual cutaneous points. Think of the camera-image thermography as a piano concerto and European Thermography as a symphony.   You need more than an image to find a problem.

This is particularly true in the breasts.  Many calcified deposits which can be found in clusters, actually emit very little heat, as do slow-growing tumors which can be both very toxic and very cold.  Without a relationship between various areas of the body and the underlying systems that control these areas, knowing which spots are hot visually is of little use.   

How well your body is able to change the skin temperature at each point reveals the true health of the underlying organs. And not only can we gather information about the health of each underlying organ (such as the breasts, prostate and colon, for instance), but we can gather information about the health of each organ in the context of the whole body. From this integrative approach we can then understand what therapies, supplements, herbs and vitamins are best suited for you and your health challenges.  

That’s why European Regulation Thermography is insightful and so very empowering.

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European Regulation Thermography: Page 2 provides a very detailed, scaled overview of the 100 tested points with degree of severity.

Page 1 gives priorities for each body area and the top 6 priorities for treatment.

Page 3 is a Dental assessment of each tooth, underlying gums and associated meridians.

This is the Breast Health Overview page 4

This is the Prostate Health Overview page 4

Page 5 Scale of every tested point and its significance.

Page 6