Step into the healthiest heat on earth ...


FAR Infrared Sauna Technology:
Essential Therapy

Step into the most amazing sauna technology available today.  Oprah's a fan. Dr. Oz said that this type of sauna extends life.  30 minutes will help you burn 600 calories. 

Made by Sunlighten Sauna, the top clinical sauna researcher in the U.S., the FAR Infrared Sauna is made from natural hypoallergenic basswood which provides the perfect atmosphere for detoxification. Used traditionally by beekeepers, basswood is a great wood choice for any sensitive individuals, especially those with multiple chemical sensitivity, sensitive skin, or cancer patients.  FAR Infrared light technology, which is part of the Sun's invisible spectrum of light, has the ability to penetrate the skin.  Using infrared lights instead of steam makes it possible to reach deeper tissues including bone.  The effects are significantly more than traditional steam saunas:

* Pain Relief... Relieves muscle pain the back, neck and joint making it great for chronic arthritis pain without drugs.

* Boosts Immunity… 30 minutes increases lymphatic flow and allows immune cells access to all body areas, increasing your resistance to colds and flus.

* Lowers Blood Pressure... In a clinical study, Infrared Therapy was shown to actually lower blood pressure with regular use.

* Increases Circulation... The effect on muscles of the Infrared Light produces an increased blood flow level similar to that seen during exercise.

* Stress Reduction... This is the ultimate relaxation experience.

* Anti-Depressant... Clinical studies have shown a substantial reduction in depression symptoms with regular use, especially for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

* Eliminates and Prevents Wrinkles & Scars… Again, clinical studies have shown this type of sauna to prevent and treat scars and wrinkles over time.

* Increases Weight Loss … Clinical studies have shown a loss of up to 600 calories in 30 minutes; much more than with traditional steam saunas.


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