Fiber Facts ...

Do you recognize the picture above?  If you don't then you may be completely oblivious when it comes to fiber.  These are flaxseeds, one of the best fibers you can eat, along with dozens of others.  50% or more of Americans eat 50% or less of the fiber that they need every day.  This may explain chronic constipation, brain fog, obesity and possibly even cancer. 

Here are the facts about fiber that you should know:

  • Fiber is essential for intestinal health, bowel regularity, healthy cholesterol levels, brain acuity and hydration.
  • Many large-scale studies of women with breast cancer point out that most of these women ate little to no fiber in their meals on a regular basis and suffered from chronic constipation.  It is clearly indicated in multiple studies that women with chronic constipation have a breast cancer risk up to four times that of women who get adequate dietary fiber and have healthy bowel regularity.
  • Fiber moves water through the intestines because it binds up to 10 times its weight in water and softens bowel stool.
  • Fiber binds dietary, environmental and metabolic toxins.
  • The cleansing and detoxifying capacity of fiber is of great importance in preventing colon cancer.
  • The minimum daily serving amount of fruits, vegetables and grains for health is nine.
  • The average adult requires 25 grams of fiber daily.
  • Fiber requires sufficient water intake in order to maximize health benefits.  If you experience constipation with increased fiber, then you aren't drinking enough water.
  • Not all fiber is alike.  Soluble fiber becomes gelatinous with water which provides necessary food to your gut bacteria that manage your immunity.  Insoluble fiber absorbs water which provides bulk.  This gives the muscles of the gut the resistance needed to help move material through the gut.  You need both types of fiber in your daily diet.  This is especially true with supplemental fiber. 
  • Many fibers are naturally gluten-free such as oats, brown rice, millet, flax, chickpeas and psyllium.