For many of us our pets are our family, a part of the family, our dearest friends, the hardest workers, the sweetest uncomplaining house guests.  But when our beloved pets experience health concerns, symptoms and illness, we are limited by what our veterinarian can offer, which often is prohibitively expensive or not terribly effective.  Many times you are inheriting more than just a pet when you adopt your animal.  Shelters, kennels and even top breeders may provide dogs that are highly susceptible to genetic conditions, or whose immune system has already been compromised with chronic antibiotic dosing.  Dog size is often a key problem in dosing for antibiotics or even vaccinations, leaving animals with long-term health challenges.  

The worst thing is that our pets cannot often express what their symptoms are or tell us where it hurts.  It's up to us to be able to figure out what they need.  Natural medicine has a lot to offer when your pets are under the weather or under the porch.  The truth is that given the proper nutritional support, your pet has the amazing ability to completely heal itself.  You cannot rely on pet food to give your pet everything it needs, just as you can't rely on your food for everything your body needs.  Most pets are eating diets that are highly processed.  Even top brands lose nutritional value on the road to becoming kibble or canned food.  

You have to think beyond the bowl...

Combinations of whole food ingredients give your pet everything the ancestral hunter demanded.  Meat, organ tissues, plant phytonutrients and even bone were essential to an animal's long-term health.  We can help you handle your pet's illness before it even begins.  There are many human formulas for thyroid, parasites, dermatitis or even allergies, that will work wonders on your pet.  

We provide Standard Process Veterinary Formulas for all your pets' nutritional needs. Just ask us!

Feline Medicinal Food Formulas:

Cats are not small dogs, so why are most foods and formulas simply smaller dog formulas?  Cats require different nutrients and have different tendencies towards illness and disease.  For instance Siamese all have renal issues, multi-cat homes are prone to respiratory viruses, nasal bacteria and herpes.  Many cats develop gingivitis or gum inflammation.  Cats also can live a long life, and so hypothyroidism is common in older cats.  

* Cardiac Support * Enteric Support * Hepatic Support * Immune Support * Renal Support * Whole Body Support 

Equine Medicinal Food Formulas:

Horses have very special concerns, stresses and tendencies.  Food formulas are essential, especially if a horse is a work horse or a show horse.

* GI support * Immune Support * Metabolic Support * Mobility Support * Performance Formula

Canine Medicinal Food Formulas:

Dogs may be man's best friend, but they can have lots of illnesses and issues, especially specific breeds.  Larger dogs inevitably develop arthritis or dysplasia in the hips, Addison's disease of the adrenal glands or chronic immune disturbances.  Small dogs are prone to heart concerns, hypoglycemia and urinary tract infections.  

* Adrenal Support * Cardiac Support * Dermal Support * Enteric Support * Flex Support * Hepatic Support * Immune Support * Musculoskeletal Support * Renal Support * Thyroid Support * Whole Body Support

Beyond the Brush - Oral Health Support

All pets develop problems with their teeth and oral health.  Standard Process makes a wonderful formula for all pets to support healthy bone and connective tissue in the mouth and throughout the body.  VF Bio-Dent includes bone meal, calcium, licorice root and adrenal to synergistically keep your pet's teeth and gums in perfect working order.  

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