Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage

with Iris Stowe

What exactly is lymphatic drainage?

Lymph drainage is a therapy that has been around in Europe since the early 1900's.  It is a therapy designed to mobilize and decongest the delicate lymph system of the body which is a fluid system that carries white blood cells, toxic debris and most of our immunity throughout the body in a series of tubes.  This system is generally located just under the surface of the skin.

Few of us ever think of our immune system, or the elaborate system of tubes, valves and filters that make up our Lymphatic System. Few of us, that is, until it doesn't function properly.  This system can get congested causing clogging of the skin from the inside.  The skin is our largest organ of detoxification, and when we cannot release toxins through our skin, then our body has to find ways of storing and minimizing the negative effects of this toxic load.  What begins as simply a cyst, psoriasis or acne becomes over time edema, chronic infections, vision issues and breathing difficulties. The longer we think our symptoms are unimportant, the more serious conditions will become.   

When we add poor diet, stress, environmental allergies, toxins, pharmaceutical drugs, hormones and artificial additives in everything from vitamins to dessert… then chronic disease and infections become the norm.  Not only do we have immune issues, but the congestion of our lymphatic system causes dead cells and worn-out body tissue to remain in our systems.  This leads to allergies, autoimmune issues and an intolerance to more and more things.  It's time to detoxify our body and allow our lymphatic system to flow freely. 

Since natural lymphatic movement relies on muscular contraction, breathing and even the muscles of digestion, there can be many times when our lymphatics may not get pumped enough.  Periods of illness when we are confined to bed, desk jobs, poor digestive function such as constipation and even dehydration when there is just not enough water to liquefy the lymph; everyone has experienced these situations at one time or another.  

We provide Swiss Lymphatic Drainage for the face, neck, body and breast area.  It is a very soothing, gentle treatment that is very relaxing.  We recommend getting this treatment away from menstrual time, and planning to rest at home after your treatment as the movement of toxins into the elimination pathways can create fatigue and a temporary increase in bowel function and urination. 

Conditions that benefit from Swiss Lymphatic Drainage:

Edema and Lymphedema
Swelling of the ankles and feet
Acne, cystic acne and other congestive skin issues
Gout and uric acid deposition conditions
Muscle, menstrual and joint pain
Cystic breasts and breast pain
Sinus congestion, pressure and pain
Bell's Palsy and facial pain
Chronic constipation and gastric distress
Cystic fibrosis, lung congestion
Ligament and tendon injury and healing
Pre and post surgery healing for the regeneration of tissues
Chronic inflammation
Anxiety or Stress
Body Toxicity
Chronic Venous insufficiency
Burn or surgery scars
RSDS or RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Syndrome)
Inflammatory joint disease
Wrinkles and sagging skin
Chronic headaches and migraines
Pregnancy stretch marks

Conditions that may be contraindicated for Lymphatic Drainage:

Uncontrolled high blood pressure
Hemophilia or tendency to hemmorhage
Acute infection or inflammation
Malignant tumors
Acute cardiac problems
Thrombosis or venous obstruction
During the third trimester of pregnancy

  Diagram of Lymphatic Vessels in the adult female breast tissue

Diagram of Lymphatic Vessels in the adult female breast tissue

How is Lymphatic Drainage at Conscious Body different from Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual lymph drainage began with the Vodder technique developed in France.  However, with manual lymph drainage, its effectiveness depends on the skill of the therapist and the size of the therapist's hand in encircling a lymphatic area to apply consistent pressure.

The other problem with manual lymph drainage is that the effects are short-lived necessitating frequent sessions in order to decongest the lymphatic system.

Swiss Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle therapy given with glass cups and a rhythmic vibration through a Chromalight machine (see the images above).  It is significantly more effective in decongesting not just lymph vessel areas, but also the central lymphatic nodes that act as filters for each body area.  

The results can last one week to one month, and are much more effective when you have 1 session each week for at least three weeks.  

I’ve had manual lymph drainage, I’ve even had another type of lymph drainage with a machine. But the combination you provide of light, vibration, clays and your Infrared Sauna is something I’ve never had and the results were beyond amazing! Everyone noticed the difference in my skin and I noticed the difference in my entire body!
— A grateful Lymphedema client
 Radiographic scan of congested lymph nodes.

Radiographic scan of congested lymph nodes.

We offer four appointments for Lymphatic Drainage:

Body Lymphatic Drainage Therapy ( 2 hours) - this is a comprehensive treatment utilizing Violet clay for the entire body and specialized Elemental clays for specific areas of concern. Yellow Earth clay for the liver area, Red Fire clay for the area of the heart, or specific clays based on your health concerns.  Heat is applied to the body to induce perspiration and to open the pores.  Then lymphatic drainage is done using our organic oil emulsion.  Then clays are applied and allowed to activate and work with the body metabolism.  Then everything is rinsed off and a second round of lymphatic drainage is done to mobilize released toxins towards the lymph nodes and drainage ports of the body.  

Facial Lymphatic Drainage Therapy ( 90 minutes) - face treatment is designed to address the specific concerns of each client.  This treatment can target wrinkles, bags under the eyes, rosacea, palsy, acne and the effects of weather and age.  Clays are brushed on specific areas to cleanse, purify and tone each section of the face and neck.  The effects can be as noticeable as a face lift, and weekly treatments can prolong the effect.  Lymph drainage of the face is a very gentle treatment done with small glass cups, gentle vibration and our patented Chromalight treatment for meridians.

Specialized Drainage for Breast Health ( 1 hour) - this is the only therapy available for the delicate breast tissue, helping to lift the breasts, reduce cysts and calcium deposits and decongest the tissue of the breasts.  This is an essential part of our Breast Health Program to help women prevent breast cancer by reducing deposits in the breasts and increase circulation and detoxification.  

The Lymphatic Body Cure (4 hours) - this is our comprehensive treatment for the entire body, face, scalp and feet.  It includes a FAR Infrared Sauna Session, a detox bath and energetically activated clays for all areas of the body combined with our comprehensive lymphatic drainage treatment.  This is the perfect treatment for detoxification, immunity, edema concerns and for pre and post surgery.  Because of the length of this treatment, we provide a small healthy snack part-way through.  

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