Classical Patanjali Yoga Therapy from India

with Gargi Sharma,
Master Yoga Therapist


Yoga has been not just a part of my life, but is my life.  In India yoga is something we all use every day.  It has solutions for almost every physical condition, every limitation, every illness and every emotional distress you can imagine.  

While pursuing my masters degree in physical education and sports medicine I realized how flexible I was and how much I loved the discipline of yoga.  For three consecutive years I was the sportsperson of the year at the top sports college in northern India and I became a gold medalist in both yoga and gymnastics.

Discipline.  Focus.  Dedication.

These attributes require a yogi, a teacher, a living inspiration.  I was fortunate to study with a number of Gurukuls.  One that was most memorable was a Gurukul in Pune who was 102 years old and took the time to take me under his wing and teach me some amazing things that are becoming extinct.  Types of acupressure, Ayurvedic cures for digestive problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (dharun) and panchakarma.  

I learned about Life. 

What is Patanjali Yoga?

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are the foundational text of all yoga practices.  It is a complete life practice that includes all traditions for a healthy life.  So this is not just about a yoga pose.  This is about learning to breathe, strengthening the mind and the body, disciplining the focus, loosening the grip of stress on our muscles and our minds.  

Patanjali gradually infuses the life of the practitioner allowing for deeper breathing, longer poses, a stillness of the mind.  I love to bring people to this place in their lives.  That is why I love to teach yoga as I learned in India, step by step, gradually infusing your body with your ability.  

This is not something that can happen in a class.  This is a journey you take with a teacher.    

Consider Swedana Steam Massage for Women

If you have had massage then you understand the importance of moving blood, lymph and nutrition to cells and the necessity of removing toxins.  Massage does both, but Swedana is the addition of steam to drive therapeutic oils deeper into the body to ease arthritic joints,  stimulate circulation and flexibility while bringing life back into the core of the body.  

Women experience significant pain and congestion of tissues in the lower back and pelvis.  In Ayurvedic medicine, it is important to balance the body throughout the menstrual cycles and beyond to maintain hormonal balance and promote ease of movement.   

This treatment with steam is done on the back, neck and shoulders and is especially effective just before the menstrual time or when the body has excessive congestion.  




Traditional Patanjali Yoga Therapy from India

Navel Displacement Therapy

Ayurvedic Physical Therapy

Vedic Swedana Steam Massage for Women

Yoga and Body Therapy for Mommy & Baby

Kapalbhati Breathing Technique

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Yoga is not something that can be taught after a weekend retreat.  It is not something that can be evolved through a class.  It is a journey that must be taken at your own pace and in the way your body walks the path.  

It is my journey to walk with you on your journey …. 

What can Patanjali Yoga do for you?

Breathing lifts the ribcage, reduces symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, acid reflux and can slim the waistline by toning the abdominal and diaphragmatic muscles. 

Ayurvedic Panchakarma detoxifies the body, cleanses the skin, energizes the metabolism and melts the pounds!

Muscular fitness helps to tone muscle tissue, increase strength while slimming the lines of the body and eases stiffness and joint pain.

Stretching and flexibility allow each segment of the body to unwind, release years of tension and actually elongate the physique.  

Discipline of poses give the mind focus, move worries and stress to the background and allow the soul to see possibilities.  

Resolution of illness, reduction of symptoms, reflection on priorities and rejuvenation of the spirit … all come to the practitioner of Pantajali. 

Vedic Navel Displacement Therapy

In Ayurvedic medicine there are many subtle distortions and disturbances that can occur in the body.  These are things that are not commonly noticed or treated in our western conventional approach.  One of the most amazing of these is Navel Displacement Therapy.  This is the centering of the navel and the attached tissue, which will eliminate pelvic pain, improve digestive symptoms, eliminate back pain and bring relaxation to deep abdominal structures.  Any symptoms that have begun as the result of pregnancy, menstruation or abdominal surgery can be completely resolved with navel displacement therapy.  It is the most unique approach imaginable.  This requires a series of at least three sessions within one week, early in the morning at our Holden location.