Holistic Assessments & Natural Medicinal Options

with Dr. Karen Clickner

I have been traveling around the world all my life. I have lived in Spain, looked up at the Himalayas, stood on a black sand beach amid chunks of blue ice in Iceland.  Along the way I have learned that natural medicine is the first line of defense against illness as well as the first thing people will turn to when symptoms begin. This is what has constituted the core of medicine for thousands of years.

But things have changed.  How often have you had symptoms, gone to the doctor, but they can't find anything?  Or you have been given a medication that you felt was really just to "give you something" but it hasn't helped?  Or the prescription you have makes you feel even worse?

We have come to rely on medicine that is simply a drug, an artificial and synthetic variant expensively produced and patented by big pharmaceutical companies.  They spend billions of dollars selling them to physicians and convincing physicians of the need to dispense drugs as the solution for every illness. In fact, physicians don't really have many options other than surgery and drugs.  

But these should never be the first thing we turn to, they should be the last. Instead natural medicine returns to the roots of healing with herbs, homeopathic remedies, food, natural therapies and time, which is the greatest of all healers.  You will be amazed at what your body can do, given the right nutrients and helped along with a good cleanse and a little body therapy.

What does Natural Medicine include?

Natural Medicine involves an approach to symptoms of illness and disease by supporting the body's own healing abilities.  Often your systems are just malnourished, overburdened or dysregulated.  I pay attention not just to your physical symptoms, but everything that contributes to your life: mental factors, emotional distress, life stress, spiritual balance, fears and phobias as well as your medical history.  Natural Medicine generally includes:

  • Dietary modification
  • Botanical and herbal medicine
  • Homeopathic, spagyric and organotherapy
  • Raw whole food concentrated supplements
  • Detoxification & cellular matrix cleansing
  • Immunotherapies such as Lymphatic Drainage
  • Myofascial/Visceral Bodywork
 Two of my beautiful prenatal successes & their Mommy

Two of my beautiful prenatal successes & their Mommy

About five and a half years ago, I started to feel very tired all the time and gained weight that I couldn’t take off. I went to see my doctor and she did some blood work to check my thyroid and said that everything was fine and that I needed to go on a diet, reduce stress and exercise. I was frustrated and angry because I knew deep down that something was wrong.

I suffered with this for four years, waking up completely exhausted and finding it very difficult to get out of bed. A friend had found out about Conscious Body Natural Medicine and urged me to contact them to find out what was wrong with me. And that is how I found Karen.

My first appointment was mind blowing because she seemed to know exactly what was wrong. Incredibly I could tell within 2 hours of taking my first dose of supplements that things were working! I feel great now! I’m so happy I found Karen, she gave me my life back.
— L.S.


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You had a dramatic impact on me! My appointment with you was very helpful and I even used one of your phrases as an affirmation on my mirror for months
— P.G.

What happens in an evaluation?

I spend up to an hour with every new patient.  In that hour we discuss your entire history because where you came from and what you have experienced is the driving force behind the symptoms you have now.  Why does one person have an allergy and another does not?  Why does one person fall and break a bone, while another walks away unscathed? The difference is your unique history.  This also includes the diseases that your family members have experienced because there are always genetic factors at work in driving your body tendencies.  But a genetic factor is not a certainty, and the health and history of your body determine how much your genetic factors express themselves. 

Ginkgo leaves.jpg

My comprehensive Holistic Assessment form provides a great deal of insight into patterns that the body has developed which produce debilitating symptoms.  By looking at these patterns, it is possible to trace them back to the underlying systemic and historical imbalances that exist.

Resolve the patterns and you resolve the symptoms... 

It just seems we met only a few years ago, but it has been 10 years since I first walked into your clinic with my folks. I cannot ever forget how helpful and instrumental you were not only in extending my dad’s life, but also keeping him in relatively less pain than was predicted. So, THANK YOU again for all your hard work that you do and may you find the strength and continued desire to do this for many years! I am sure I am not alone in my sentiment.
— A.C.

Muscle Testing: Contact Reflex Analysis & Applied Kinesiology

When a patient can visit me at one of my two clinics, I can add another dimension to my evaluation, Muscle Testing.  This is a technique used for more than 75 years to reveal the root of a health problem.  Because symptoms are not causes, and finding the core issue is the key to resolving symptoms, illness and disease. This is a quick and easy method of analysis that once a root issue is identified, will also help to determine the most effective way to correct it. 

I use Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) developed by Dr. Dick Versendaal and Applied Kinesiology (AK) developed by Dr. George Goodheart.  These systems both use reflex points on the body that represent specific tissues, glands or organs that will weaken when the energy to those points is imbalanced or interrupted.  By simply pressing down on an arm while touching the test point, the arm will instantly weaken when the energy to the corresponding point being tested is interrupted.

European Regulation Thermography

Another valuable tool to help in identifying body dysregulation is European Regulation Thermography.  This is not simply a "camera" that takes a picture of the body heat, it measures the heat differential at 100 points in the head and trunk of the body to create a comprehensive report of systems, graphs, charts and core suggestions for returning the body to optimal health.  It has also been used for more than 30 years in Europe as an adjunct to Mammography.  Read more about Regulation Thermography

Morphagenic Field Technique

The energy field of every living thing is dynamic, moving, reacting to the  external environment and to the health of the internal environment.  There are so many healing arts devoted to working with this energy field.  But now there is a way to not just work with the field, you can extract information from the field about your internal environment.  

First I scan the field and introduce a series of test kits to find the priority for healing of the field.  Then the field is tested with various nutritional, herbal and homeopathic remedies to see what the field is attracted to.  Because the field is unique to you, it will reject everything it does not need, and attract the energies that may potentially fulfill a need.

  A three month before and after photo of a patient with chronic skin issues.

I just wanted to send an update. My head pressure and dizziness is 90 % better already since seeing you!!!!!!!! I am so happy about this!! Sometimes during the day, I feel completely fine! (This is shocking to me!) I’m so, so glad about it and am really happy that I went to see you!
— A very grateful patient