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How Does Natural Medicine Fit Into a Conventional Medicine Life?

I have a unique perspective when it comes to natural medicine because I grew up with a father who is a practicing primary care medical physician and has always been one of my biggest role models.  I had always wanted to obtain my medical degree and have a career helping patients feel better and achieve optimal health.  I knew that medicine was where I was supposed to be, but was not sure which facet. 

With time, soul searching, research, and personal experience, my passion and love for natural medicine grew.  My early years taught me the utmost respect for conventional medicine.  However with time and my own experience I have also had the opportunity to see the ways in which natural medicine and good nutrition can truly prevent, improve, and heal many medical conditions and symptoms.  It is truly remarkable!

This is where my journey of studying holistic health and alternative medicine began.  There are many instances in my own life, as well as the lives of some of my patients that require the synergy of conventional and natural medicine, a combination which has elicited tremendous results.  But there are also some situations that can be remedied with focusing on lifestyle changes, nutrition and natural medicine alone. 

Since completing my doctoral work in alternative medicine and holistic health, I have realized that the important Hippocratic oath “Primum non nocere” which means “first, do no harm,” is the very core concept of the remedies and methods used in alternative medicine.  I do not take the place of standard medical care from a licensed medical physician nor do I diagnose any disease. 

My approach is to use and support the resources your body already has.  In that way I can work with you to help you achieve optimal health and we can do that with your conventional physician and with your current prescriptions.  Natural medicine can be tailored to your needs and your limitations.  I'm here to help you find your natural path.

I recently completed my 2nd detox after I lost 20 pounds and my energy level went through the roof with my first one 6 months ago. I was able to give up caffeine for the detox and my migraine problem disappeared with it. I used to get headaches multiple times per week and now I haven’t had a headache in 6 months. I have 2 small children so it gets difficult to exercise regularly and sleep well which is why I wanted to get back on track with the Detox. This time I successfully lost 11 more pounds and feel great again! No more bloated feeling, no more stomach issues or headaches. I plan on doing a detox every 6 months with the support and great ideas of Dr. Poe to stay on track.
— David S., Senior Client Manager

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If we make proper nutrition and eating our mission in life, research has shown significant statistical decreases in many diseases and comorbidities that exist today.
— Dr. Kristen Poe

Natural Nutrition & Detoxification

I have done a lot of clinical research on nutrition and have a strong passion for whole food nutrition and detoxification.  Good nutrition is not just about eating less, burning calories, and exercising.  It is about assessing and examining the entire patient and developing an understanding of underlying barriers that may be prohibiting weight loss, or facilitating weight gain.  The choices, quality, and quantity of food that is eaten are of extreme importance.  

Approaching the body from a holistic perspective incorporates diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, whole food supplementation, and emotional well-being synergistically.  This is what creates a nutritional program that is healthy, realistic, and sustainable. 

The holistic approach is not a “quick fix” for a very good reason.  It has to be a change in lifestyle that is a permanent change and change requires a lot of patience on your part.  Rome was not built in a day and neither is a perfect nutrition program or a fabulous physique. 

The reason this is so long-lasting is because it changes your body's chemistry.  A healthy diet and regular exercise can help ward off many diseases as well as help remedy a variety of health-related problems.  Half of the fatigue and weight gain that people experience is simply from the symptoms and imbalances that their body is sustaining.  Healthy eating is ultimately the foundation of a healthy body.

This means eating foods from all of the food groups in moderate and suggested portions to help balance your digestive ability and provide all the thousands of micronutrients that your body needs to function fully.  So many people suffer with food intolerances, food allergies or simply food-handling symptoms.  It creates a fear and an avoidance of many of the foods needed for optimal health and wellness.

It completely blew my mind that just by eating well and choosing the right foods, I felt like a new person, not to mention achieving a physique I never thought would be possible.
— Dr. Kristen Poe
I am extremely happy with the experience and results of my 21 day Purification Program. I am 14 pounds lighter and sleep better. The first few days were tough but after the first week I felt better than I ever did. My stomach problems that I had all my life went away, I had more energy and my acne even cleared up. The program Dr. Poe recommended has inspired me to make a permanent change in my life. I eat clean and I no longer drink coffee. I want to thank you so much Dr. Poe for teaching me how to eat and get healthy. I can not thank you enough.
— Anna M.