Your Holistic Health Assessment
with Dr. Karen Clickner

Every person wants to understand why their body is expressing the symptoms that it does. Every person wants to know why one approach to healing works for them while another doesn’t. Every person wants to know why they need to take certain supplements, remedies or medicinals and why they need certain therapies to get well.

I have given you the benefit of my 35 years of Naturopathic experience and you may have lots of questions that are able to be answered by the links below. These links will explain in more detail the elements that are part of the email report you have received from your appointment with me.

Here you will find more information about remedies, Muscle Testing points, Thermography Priorities and Dosages.

I want you to provide you with as much information as I am able for you to understand and be committed to your process.  If you have further questions that are not answered here, please feel free to email me directly.

Your Holistic Assessment Form

Dr. Clickner's Holistic Assessment Form evaluates symptoms in groups and provides a scale of intensity so that you can see where your symptoms may be coming from and which systems are in need of support and help. You fill this out prior to the Holistic Assessment appointment. Here you can learn what each group means!

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Whole Body Therapy
Muscle Testing Explained

This is a style of evaluating the body's strength or weakness in each regulating point.  These points correspond to various unresolved blockages that prevent healing and important body functions and structures.  This guide explains each point and its significance in your evaluation.


Your Regulation Thermography Report Explained

Read about the Priority Points that are present in your report.  The interpretation provided by Dr. Clickner is based on these point assessments. 

For more specific recommendations you will need to have a Holistic Assessment so that your history, your current symptoms and your individual needs can be evaluated.

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Standard Process Whole Food Supplements
MediHerb High Grade Herbals of Australia

Some of the recommended supplements I have provided are Standard Process which are raw whole compressed foods for optimal and concentrated complete nutrition.  The high grade herbal products recommended are from the MediHerb gardens and laboratory in Australia which operate to pharmaceutical grade international standards.

Click here to learn the purpose of each recommended product in your report.

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Organic Essential Oil Therapy

Dr. Dick Versendaal was a mentor to me early in my career. He not only developed a style of Muscle Testing that I use, he also created five organic essential oil blends that when applied to the skin will not only create change physiologically, but emotionally and energetically as well.

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Physica Energetics Remedies

This incredibly energetically active group of remedies come from Canada including Spagyrics, Intrinsics, Homaccords and Matrix nutritionals.  These provide emotional and energetic support to change the metabolism and action of tissues in the body.  They also focus on enhancing drainage and addressing weaknesses found in Regulation Thermography testing.


Dosages Explained

To get the most out of your remedies, it is very important that they be taken at the appropriate times and in the right amounts.  Get more information about dosages by clicking here.