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Our Testing & Therapy Price List

Please note that not all therapies are available in both locations and each location has its own schedule of availability.  Our pricing is for each therapy session and times provided are estimates for scheduling purposes so we can accommodate each individual patient’s needs.  

We do maintain a 24 hour cancellation policy which means that if you do not give us 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment, you will be charged a 40% appointment fee.  This fee is waived if we are able to rebook your appointment time for another client.

Holistic Herbal & Homeopathic Medicine with Dr. Karen Clickner
Available in Holden / Brookline

Initial Holistic Assessment in Brookline - Up to 1 hour: $195.00
Return Holistic Assessment in Brookline (within 2 years of your last visit) - each 1/2 hour: $75.00

Initial Holistic Assessment in Holden - Up to 1 hour: $150.00
Return Holistic Assessment in Holden (within 2 years of your last visit) - each 1/2 hour: $75.00

Skype Initial Assessment - Up to 1 hour: $125.00
Skype Return Assessment - 1/2 hour: $75.00

Children's Holistic Assessment (12 & under) - 1/2 hour: $75.00

The POE Method of Natural Weight Loss & Holistic Health with Dr. Kristen Poe
Available in Holden & Brookline

Holistic Health Initial Evaluation - up to 1 hour: $95.00
Individual Return Consultations - 1/2 hour: $50.00
Monthly Coaching Subscription - $50.00 per month
Platinum Weight Loss Package - $350.00
Gold Weight Loss Package - $300.00
Silver Weight Loss Package - $150.00

Counseling & Natural Medicine for Men's Psychological & Physical Health with Clifford Curboy
Available in Holden

Initial Evaluation & Session - up to 1 hour: $95.00
Return Session - 1/2 hour: $50.00
Thermography Progress Session - 1/2 hour: $50.00

Colonic Hydrotherapy
Available in Brookline

Initial 90 minute appointment including consultation - $145.00
Each Return appointment - 1 hour: $110.00
Not sure if colonics are right for you?  You can book a Consultation with our colonic hydrotherapist - $50.00

European Regulation Thermography
Available in Holden / Brookline

Testing Session & Report Review (reviews are available in person or by Skype) - 90 minutes: $295.00

Trace Mineral Hair Analysis Test & Report
Available anywhere in the U.S. and Canada by mail

Comprehensive Body Tissue Trace Mineral Report - $125.00

Genetic Testing & Comprehensive Lab Reports
Available anywhere in the U.S. and Canada by mail

Choose from our comprehensive genetic profiles:

Weight Loss Factors
Healthy Aging Profile
Micronutrient Absorption Profile
Athletic Performance Profile


Genetic Profile Pricing:

Individual Genetic Profile: $299.00
Package of 2 Genetic Profile Tests: $450.00
Package of 3 Genetic Profile Tests: $550.00

Swiss Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage
Holden / Brookline

Face, Neck and Chest Lymph Drainage Therapy - 90 minutes: $150.00
Body Lymph Drainage Therapy - 2 hours: $200.00
Specialized Drainage for Breast Health - 1 hour: $100.00
The Lymphatic Body Cure: Full Body, scalp, breast focus, a healthy snack and a detox bath to take home - 4 hours: $450.00

Heart Sound Recorder Testing
Brookline / Holden

Each testing session - 30 minutes: $50.00