Conscious Body Natural Medicine™

Our natural testing process, Naturopathic Medicine and natural body therapies are the key to resolving your symptoms…


Our Natural Testing Process

Natural methods of testing the body are important in order to get more information about a particular condition.  The difference is that our testing methods are very comprehensive, providing relationships between various body tissues, organs and meridians.  Each of our tests include a comprehensive review and bring more knowledge and understanding to your condition.


European Regulation Thermography

Unlike the photographic version of this test, our scan is done by thermometry (highly sensitive skin thermometer). This gives us not just a picture but a complete report of body systems, the regulation of various tissues such as the prostate and breast and an overview of glands and organs.  This seven page report is completely individualized to you and your thermography scan.  This is the essential test for every person.

Heart Sound Recorder.jpg

Heart Sound Recorder Testing

This is an astonishing and accurate method of evaluating the rhythm of the opening and closing of the heart valves. By observing the integrity of each heart sound within each of the four heart valves, we can detect nutritional deficiencies that are affecting the heart muscle and nerve conductivity. There is nothing better for monitoring the health of your heart nor for improving any heart rhythm problem.

How is our testing different from conventional tests at your physician’s office?

In conventional medicine tests are limited to what insurance will pay for and what your physician orders. The only regular testing, beyond BP and listening to the heart and chest, that is usually done is blood testing. But this only shows what is circulating in the blood at that moment when most illness and conditions are happening within the tissues. Blood labs also use a very broad range of “normal” meaning that you can still have a thyroid problem and test normal in standard blood testing. Without a test indicator, your physician cannot do very much to help you.

Our testing is unique because it gives you useful information weeks, months and even years before a condition becomes an illness. It gives you time to make changes, to finally fulfill that New Year's resolution, to prevent illness before it starts. Plus you can gain answers anytime you need it or want it.

Use our testing to mark your starting point when embarking on a natural treatment program and retest along the way to see how much progress you are making. You can use testing to your advantage so it truly works for you.


Trace Mineral Hair Analysis

Used for years, this comprehensive test gives you a picture of the minerals and heavy metals stored in your body tissues.  This is much more important to your body health than what is circulating in your blood at any given moment. Your report provides 40 mineral levels and an assessment of the presence of lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium and mercury.


Genetic Testing for Health

We provide genetic factor testing through our partner lab Genetic Direction.  We offer four tests:

  • Weight Loss Factors - what are the strengths and weaknesses your body has for maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Aging Tendencies - as you age, what are the genetic conditions that you are most likely to face and how can you prevent them.

  • Micronutrient Levels - which vitamins and minerals do you tend not to absorb well nor maintain high enough levels.

  • Athletic Performance - what genetic factors that affect athletic performance do you have? What holds you back and what makes you excel?

Genetics isn't what you are, it's what you can be.


Lyme Disease really threw me.  Then you helped me to find the right herbs and now I'm back to work and I feel great.”



Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine combines nutrition, organic medicinals, body therapies, emotional balance and detoxification in individualized programs to not just resolve symptoms but to restore regulation to the body.  When any tissue or organ loses its ability to regulate itself, it creates symptoms that reach many different areas of the body through our network of nerves, connective tissue and fluid. We work to restore balance, strength, energy and days free of symptoms. We work to restore health. We work for you…


Dr. Clickner's Natural Solutions for Illness: Food, Herbs & Homeopathics

When you already have an illness, a diagnosis or chronic symptoms, then an evaluation is the place to begin.  This is a session that includes Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing, Contact Reflex Analysis, Symptom Assessment and Medical History Review to determine what imbalances have created your condition.  We listen, we have a conversation and we work together to establish a plan for you to follow that is specific to you. We give you answers when you have none.

SP Complete Shake.jpg

The Poe Method: Personalized, Optimized Essentials for Health

Every machine, including the body, requires the best fuel.  The quality and frequency of fuel determines the metabolism, health and regulation of the body.  As we age our needs change, our ability to digest changes and with the hundreds of eating philosophies out there we lose our way in choosing and making meals.  We often don't know what exercise is the best choice for our bodies.  We forget how much healthy sleep, stress management and serenity determine the difference between a cold and an autoimmune condition.  Let me work with you to improve these essential conditions in your life.

Natural Medicinal Remedies:
The Secret to Resolving Your Symptoms

Each of the remedies we provide is only available through a clinical office and most are created outside of the United States at a higher grade than is available in any health food store. Each of the companies we use has their own in-house lab for the testing and quality assurance of every product we provide.

Raw food concentrates, medicinal herbal extracts, energetically active clays, organic essential oil blends, imported homeopathics and spagyrics … we have a solution for your illness.

Nursing baby.jpg

Natural Medicine for Children & Infants

As parents, every illness our children experience is a worry, from their first breaths to their first steps to their first day without training wheels.  We have extensive experience in helping new parents with infant concerns, working with children's digestive issues, providing natural options for immune conditions, resolving skin conditions, improving sleep and reducing emotional symptoms from restlessness to crying to tantrums. 

Women's Cycles & Reproductive Medicine

Women have very specific health needs, especially when it comes to their cycle.  Many women are led to believe that difficult symptoms such as cramping, excessive bleeding, fluid retention, skin problems, hot flashes or even infertility, are normal. 

We're here to tell you they're not... The healthier your period, the healthier you will be as you age.  Begin now with natural options to regulate your period and eliminate symptoms.

From your first period to fertility to menopause ... we have answers.

Overweight exercise.jpg

Conscious Body Weight Loss

Losing weight naturally is not only difficult, it is confusing. We have an incredible program of weight loss that combines homeopathic detoxification with homeopathic formulas to stimulate Human Growth Hormone and help the weight challenged to slim down, eliminate cravings and get your energy back!

Immunity Reimagined™

For 30 years, Dr. Clickner has worked with hundreds of immune disorder cases.  More and more, almost every illness can be traced back to an immunological condition that is unresolved such as chronic Lyme Disease, Lupus and most recently PANDAS.  The solution is to naturally and gradually regulate the immune system using natural therapies, diet and organic remedies.  Inflammation, pain, neurological symptoms, loss of function can all be reduced or even eliminated with the right approach ... a natural approach.

If you suffer with an autoimmune condition or any unresolved chronic symptoms, see what we have done for more than 3,000 patients.


I'm pregnant!!! Can I tell you how excited we are after multiple IUI and IVF attempts we had given up.  But my friends said that you were the miracle worker and it's true.”



Detoxification, Purification & Decongestion

These three processes are the most important to regain regulation of the body.  The simple act of purification, improving fluid movement, enhancing drainage and clearing toxins from body tissues, can reduce or eliminate symptoms without surgery or pharmaceuticals. 

It's worth the work to turn your body around.


European Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy

Using vibration, fluid mobilization and light therapy, this process gently stimulates the lymph fluid under the skin.  This increases detoxification of body tissues, reduces edema and fluid accumulation while cleansing essential areas of immunity.  The effects on the body and the skin are immediate and lasting.  This is a much more comprehensive and lasting approach than Manual Lymph Drainage.


Gravity-Flow Colonic Hydrotherapy

This historical and effective therapy has been used successfully for bowel cleansing and regulation for centuries.  More effective than an enema and more relaxing than a colonoscopy, this gentle therapy provides cleansing and resistance exercise to the muscles and lumen of the colon.  The amazing effects of water!


Purification Programs & Nutritional Cleanses

Giving your body a break from its daily routine, strengthening your digestive power and infusing your tissues with high levels of concentrated whole food nutrition, is the secret in many world cultures to longevity.  Aging healthfully is an incredible achievement and body purification is the key.  We have provided time-tested programs of liver detoxification, intestinal cleansing, kidney purification and immunity strengthening to thousands of clients.

Ionized Water as Therapy

If your only medicine was drinking water ...  In a prison in Turkey, an American doctor treated prisoners with nothing more than water.  The illnesses he treated with just water are documented in his journals.  There are historical texts that mention the therapeutic properties of water time and time again.  We cannot survive more than a few days without water, and in harsh conditions we can dehydrate in a matter of hours.

So if water is essential to our survival, why do we avoid drinking it?  Why do so many people assume any beverage is the same as water?


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