Breast Cancer Support & Prevention Naturally

Breast Cancer is scary.  It is overwhelming.  It is shocking.  It is heart-stopping.  It is feared.

But it does not have to be.

Women are led to believe that we have no choice but to wait for that diagnosis.  We are offered only essentially one crushing, painful detection method which has a misdiagnosis rate higher than any other medical test to date.  Is this the best we can do to protect such an essential part of a woman's body? 

For more than 25 years methods have been developed in natural medicine to not only support a woman through a cancer diagnosis, but to help women learn everything they can do to effectively increase the health of their breasts and decrease their risk of cancer.  You can begin today by evaluating your cancer risk, learning ways to decongest and balance the health of your breasts and see how European Regulation Thermography can tell you about cysts, poor circulation and tissue problems long before they appear on a mammogram.  And the more time you have before a problem becomes a disease, the more chance you have to turn it around.

You may think that there is nothing you can do to prevent breast cancer.  But you would be wrong.  As we've shown in our pages, there is a lot that you can control that determines your breast cancer risk. 

Breast Health Basics for Women

A Guide to Breast Tissue

Assessing Your Breast Cancer Risk

"Seeing" Your Breasts Through Regulation Thermography

Our Guide to Healthy Menstrual Cycles

Read the facts:

  • Between 1950 and 1990, the overall incidence of breast cancer rose by 54% and currently the risk for a woman to develop breast cancer in her lifetime if 1 in 8. 
  • 85% of breast tissue is formed from fat tissue. 
  • Neck tension is the leading cause of lack of blood flow to the breast area, causing congestion and calcium deposits to form. 
  • The most important mineral for breast health is iodine.
  • Breast cysts have been shown to contain calcified calcium, chlorine, environmental pesticides, heavy metals and even plastic.
  • Studies indicate that 1/3 of tumors are estrogen dependent and will grown much faster when exposed to foreign estrogen found in birth control pills, soy, milk products, meat and even water.
  • Nearly 60% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no identifiable risk factors other than their hormonal environment including estrogen, progesterone, insulin and cortisol.
  • 75% of breast cancers form in the ducts of the breasts.
  • The American Institute for Cancer Research has stated that as much as 33% of breast cancer could be prevented by diet, exercise and a healthy body weight.
  • 70 to 80% of all positive mammograms do not, upon biopsy, show any presence of cancer.
  • Women who are genetically predisposed to breast cancer (BRCA positive) have the same rate of success preventing cancer with cruciferous vegetables as with mastectomies. 

The Conscious Body Breast Health Program

One of the difficult aspects of having healthy breasts is that we are often completely oblivious to how healthy our breast tissue actually is. 

The first step to healthy breast tissue is to know the level of breast health that you currently have. 

Do you have cysts?  Do you have swelling, pain or discomfort?  Have you had a suspicious mammogram?  Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer?  Each of these conditions represents a different level of breast health and breast challenges.  

Through our work with women's breast health, breast cancer support and researching natural remedies for prevention and treatment, we have established a program to offer women information, support, therapy and peace of mind.  Our remedy protocol for women going through chemotherapy and radiation has proven time and again to reduce or completely prevent side effects.  Thermography scans that we offer have given women insight into what issues may be developing in their breasts and how to address them early and naturally. 

Program Elements: Evaluation, Biochemical Treatment & Breast Therapies

These three pieces are arranged in a way to address your personal breast health challenge.   From a Lifestyle-Centered approach to Healing Support after cancer treatment, your program focuses on each level of breast challenge to gradually restore complete health.


Evaluation and Detection

In order to realize when there is a problem, the best judge is you.

You live with your body every day, and by regularly feeling and examining your breasts from every angle, you can detect changes immediately.  The things to focus on are things that happen suddenly, that are not typical for you.  These are the things that may indicate a concern. 

Conscious Body Holistic Assessment is a complete face to face evaluation looking at your health history, your lifestyle, your current symptoms and your goals.  Using the time-honored method of Applied Kinesiology and Contact Reflex Analysis muscle testing, a plan is developed to address the most essential underlying imbalances to begin resolving your symptoms.

Breast Page of a European Regulation Thermography Report

Breast Page of a European Regulation Thermography Report

European Regulation Thermography is an important part of our program.  It not only evaluates the breasts, but all the body systems, dental, immunity and toxicity. Completely different from thermal imaging methods common in the U.S., European Thermography relies on a highly sensitive probe to evaluate heat variations in 100 points on the trunk, face and back.  The patterns allow blockages, congestion, inflammation and dysfunction to appear and the meridians and energies that can create these dysfunctions.

Natural Biochemical Treatment: Foods, Herbs & Homeopathics

Antioxidants - one of the most debilitating factors is oxidation, damage by free-radical ions from pollutants, chemicals and even preservatives in foods.  Protecting body cells from this "rusting" effect is vital, a process we accomplish with dietary adjustments and organic antioxidant formulas of grape seed, resveratrol and whole vitamin C. 

Complete Nutrient Density - as many people realize our foods contain significantly and measurably less nutrient density than the same foods 50 years ago.  So relying solely on food to get everything we need is not only unrealistic, it's virtually impossible.  So we recommend boosting your nutrient density with a whole food formula that takes the place of weaker and synthetic multi-vitamins and minerals. 

Systemic & Digestive Enzymes - many people think of enzymes solely as part of digestion.  But in fact we have enzyme activity throughout our body systems and these require just as much support as our digestion.  Going through a period of increasing enzyme activity through supplementation can make your digestive problems disappear, but also will power up your body systems so that many minor symptoms totally resolve.  The systemic enzymes we use are from a very historical formula that can help even our cancer patients to feel better.

Liver Support and Detoxification - in Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver can be the reason for surviving cancer.  It is also an organ that is highly rejuvenative, which means that even with cirrhosis, a liver can come back to life given the right foods, medicines and detoxification.  We have complete liver cleanses, food lists and nutritional support that we have used for many years. 

Cleansing Blood & Lymph - you cannot overestimate the power of the immune system and its pathways of lymph in keeping the body healthy and preventing serious illness.  Congestion of the lymphatic system is a definite step in the development of disease. Doing a lymphatic cleanse can really make a difference with imported Spagyric remedies, organic herbal concentrates with rosemary, dandelion, rehmannia and schisandra, as well as lymphatic drainage itself.

Hormonal Balance - in breast cancer prevention, hormone balance, especially between the pituitary, the thyroid, the adrenals and the reproductive organs, is vital. We provide homeopathic remedies, herbs such as Chaste Tree and Black Cohosh along with our whole food supplements to support weakened partners in the endocrine system.  We even have an incredible formula called Mammary PMG which is the only medicinal formula for breast health available.  

The chemistry of the body involves nutrients, hormones, enzymes and living elements such as bacteria.  In considering all the interrelationships of the body systems, the biochemical environment within the body is vital to the health of the breasts.

Once we have developed a plan based on evaluation, the next step is to provide a protocol that will re-regulate the body cells, tissues and systems.  Protocols include:

  • Organic, nutrient-dense whole food supplements.
  • Systemic & digestive enzymes.
  • Imported high grade herbal formulas.
  • Imported homeopathic & spagyric remedies.
  • Detoxification formulas for blood, lymph & tissue.
  • Historical Formulas from Edgar Cayce & Dr. Royal Lee

Protocol plans are designed to support balance and minimize risk factors in each body system.  Treatment plans are done in 30 day segments at which time we re-evaluate the progress and identify tissues that require additional healing and support.

Your Diet & Digestion

In addressing breast health diet and digestion are the two most important components.  And the beautiful part is that you control both of these.  Your digestive system is a trained system based on the foods you take in.  It adjusts digestive capacity, enzymes and bio-terrain chemistry to manage your particular diet.  However, when this system breaks down or is exposed to volumes of unhealthy, destructive foods, the structure of this system can break down, allowing undigested food particles to move into the body triggering immune reactions.  This is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome and is a precursor to even more damaging illnesses such as Crohn's disease, colitis, ulcers and IBS.  

How well you digest your food is just as important as the food itself.  Without strong stomach acid, brush border enzymes, pancreatic enzymes and bile, your ability to absorb nutrients is weakened and all the good food you take in will do nothing for you.  Long-term use of antacids, NSAIDs, highly restrictive diets are all contributing factors to weakened digestive chemistry.  And the weaker the chemistry, the less immunity you have and the more infections you will experience. 


Nothing can be healthy in a sewer except maybe a sewer rat.  The internal environment of tissues and cells is dependent on the movement across that environment of nutrients, oxygen, hormones and immune cells.  If there is a lot of toxic debris, waste material, tiny fragments of plastics, heavy metals or pollutants, then it's like trying to cross a landfill.  

Your body has systems that maintain the cleanliness of the internal environment including the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and the lymphatics.  When these systems become overwhelmed, all tissues suffer.  And your ability to detoxify is a genetic predisposition, so what your maximum ability is may be the result of the health of your parents.  Doing seasonal detoxification cleanse programs and getting regular therapies for clearing debris from the body is essential for the body to be able to function at an optimal level.  

Breast Therapies

In order to have healthy breast tissue, you must make natural therapies a regular thing.  Seasonal or annual maintenance is a key component of our healthy breast program.  This includes home treatment with poulticing, self-breast massage and natural skin treatment of the breasts.  It's never too late to begin ….


Whether prevention or treatment, cysts or cancer, we can help.

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Decongestive Lymphatic Drainage - there is nothing like this intensive therapy using technology from Switzerland.  By gently and rhythmically moving fluid through lymph vessels and nodes by external pressure, the skin and underlying tissues experience incredible changes.  Click here for more information.

Poulticing and Treatments at Home - we provide organic clays, castor oil and herbs for applying to the breasts for daily or weekly decongestive care.  These wonderful, soothing treatments can gradually change the shape of the breasts and eliminate sensitivity, pain, swelling or tenderness.

FAR Infrared Sauna Therapy - there have been numerous studies to show how the benefits of this Infrared technology far exceeds simply steam or dry saunas.  Weight loss, lowering blood pressure, reducing arthritic pain, minimizing scars and especially boosting cellular immunity are just some of the incredible effects of this therapy.  For breast health it is essential by decongesting the lymph, increasing circulation, reducing irregular breast shape and clearing skin infections and eczemas.  Click here for more information.

Colonic Hydrotherapy - for women who have a history of constipation or other bowel disorders, this is an essential therapy.  Since the breasts are so integrated with female hormones, the liver, the digestion and the kidneys, restoring normalized bowel function is key.  Women who do not have daily bowel movements have a breast cancer risk up to four times that of women who have daily bowel movements.  Colonics is a therapy that restores normal peristaltic muscle contraction and clears the colon of debris.  Click here for more information.

Chiropractic and Myofascial Therapy - the balance of the muscles, sternum, ribs and spine are all important considerations for the health of the breasts.  These provide the balance and structure for the support of the breasts.  What you may not know is that the balance of these areas determine available blood flow, strength of lymphatic flow, movement of hormones and nerve impulses.  There is no one like Dr. Rick Rogers.  He can adjust everything from your toes to the top of your head.  Click here for more information.

Emotional / Grief Therapy & Support - we have pointed out that chronic stress, emotional upset and long-term or severe grief can all be debilitating to the body and the breast health.  One of the most effective ways we have found to resolve these overwhelming feelings is through hypnotherapy with Karon Merecki.  She has helped hundreds of our patients to find serenity, privately and effectively.  Click here for more information.