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Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways Program

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Spend 30 days making a real difference in your body.  Eliminate irritating symptoms, restore energy, clarify the skin.


The Best Beginning for Symptoms that Cross Systems ...

Often when patients come in they have experienced symptoms for so long that they now have secondary symptoms, multiple layers of illness and it muddies the waters of the body.  This makes it difficult to establish exactly what the originating problem was and where to begin.

Without opening the pathways of the body and shaking out the symptoms, it may be very difficult to get change to take place. 

The purpose of this program is to establish what is the most important illness or issue in the body.


Preparation for Detoxification

Often patients have tried detox programs online or from the health food store and it may help for a bit, but then symptoms return.

This is often because they don't know what the "starting point" should be.  But more importantly the pathways of elimination such as the colon, the liver, the lymph, the skin, the kidneys, all must be open and decongested.  Otherwise toxic material will simply relocate to other areas of the body. 

Jumping right into a detox program or cleanse can cause more problems than solutions.  The RCCP program opens and supports these detoxification pathways over the 30 days. 


Enhancing Basic Nutrition

One of the core facets of natural medicine is that what you eat determines how healthy you are.  It is essential in any treatment to include fundamental nutrients which can offset years of deficiency. 

Remember: nature abhors a vacuum. If something is going to be taken away, drained or detoxified for example, then something will rush in to take its place.  We want that to be ionic trace minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics, amino acids, basic vitamins, etc. Without resolving nutritional deficiencies, in combination with dehydrated and acidic cells, healing will be difficult.

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The Detox Solution

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald’s best selling book, “The Detox Solution” is included with this innovative and comprehensive program to provide additional education as you move through these foundational principles and processes. We are always here to provide you with encouraging support and clinical answers and counsel to assist you in your healing journey.

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