Whole Food Concentrates

These are specifically to provide intensive raw, organic nutrients in their whole state, literally from the field to your mouth.  They are simply larger, more concentrated forms of the essential components your body needs to survive and function.  Vitamins are energetically potent, vital living compounds which are easily processed.  There are fat-soluble vitamins (such as D) and water-soluble vitamins (such as B12).  Those that are fat-soluble should be taken with a meal containing fat, or a glass of milk.  Water-soluble should be taken about 15 minutes before your meal with a glass of water.

The dosages listed on each bottle are the minimum regular dosage to maintain your health.  For this reason, you may need to take more during periods of therapy and generally for the first few weeks of your program.  These should be taken WITH your meals, which means either as you begin eating, during eating or as you finish eating because they are part of your meal and are digested as food in the gut.  We recommend drinking as little water as possible or even crushing and blending your pills into your food.  They can also be chewed for maximum effectiveness if you are very brave!

A physiologic dose is a smaller amount given over a longer period of time which is to support normal body function. A pharmacologic dose is given in a short period to force a body function.

Gut Restoratives

These are supplements, probiotics, pre-probiotics, fibers, anti-parasitics and other therapeutic formulas that act on the chemistry and structure of the digestive system itself.  For this reason these are taken either first thing in the morning, in the late afternoon prior to dinner or in the evening before bed.  They should be taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.  Some of these formulas include Digest, Wormwood Complex, Disodium Phosphate, Whole Food Fiber, HLC High Potency, Slippery Elm Powder or ProSynbiotic. 


Herbal Medicinals

Herbs are in fact medicine.  They are considered pharmacological because they can strongly change the body's function.  Because of this, just like most medicine, they are taken on an empty stomach and are generally taken in the short-term, although some such as Echinacea or Chaste Tree can be safely administered for longer periods of time, even years. 

Some such as Chaste Tree are taken first thing in the morning upon rising.  Some such as Digest are taken 5-15 minutes before each meal because of its role in preparing the stomach for digestion.  Herbs that have an energizing effect are taken in the earlier part of the day prior to 3:00.  These would be Korean Ginseng and Bladderwrack.  Relaxing herbs are taken in the latter part of the day, generally just before dinner and prior to bed. The dosages on the bottle are usually the recommended dosage because the majority of herbs are only given for specific periods of therapeutic time, not as long-term maintenance.  An exception to this would be Echinacea which has been clinically studied in dosages over many months and even years in the regulation of the immune system.


Cytosol Extracts, Dessicates & Protomorphagenic Compounds

Cytosol extracts (ending in "ex") are specialized water-soluble formulas taken from the cytoplasm of a cell and provide essential precursors for cellular function.  They are designed to be given for no longer than 3-4 months to help increase particularly glandular activity.  We generally suggest taking 1 tablet every two hours for the first day.

A dessicated product is a dehydrated segment of a gland or organ.  These are used for short-term critical use, generally no more than 4-6 weeks to prevent glandular dependence and atrophy which can occur with long-term use.

PMG compounds are growth hormone regulating substances taken from organic bovine tissue and help to regulate the immune reaction with a particular tissue, while stimulating the cleansing and healing aspects of that tissue.  These have variable dosages depending on the severity of the condition and the ability of the body to handle the changes without experiencing an histamine reaction.  Dosages generally begin at 2 per day with food and then increase every other day until the full amount is reached. 

Herbal Decoction.jpg

Alcohol Sensitivity

Some medicinals contain alcohol either as an extraction medium or as a preservative.  This is especially true in liquid herbal extracts and in some homeopathics.  For people that have alcohol sensitivity or for children, they can be decocted. 

In order to decoct a medicinal you simply blend it with a very small amount of very hot water and allow it to steep until it cools down.  Then it can be taken and the alcohol will have evaporated. You may also want to decoct the entire bottle and transfer into a separate bottle. Just ask us for a clean bottle! 

Other than alcohol or natural glycerin, there are no preservatives of any kind in any of our products.


Please do not self-medicate with natural medicine.  It is still medicine and it has effects.  Natural does not mean it cannot create uncomfortable symptoms, nor that it won't interfere with conventional medicine.  Only a professional can advise you (which is not the clerk in the aisle at Whole Foods).  We also strongly advise you to share everything you are taking with your physician. 

Recommended Dosages & Applications

One of the core principles of Naturopathic medicine is that of supplementation.  Whole food concentrates, herbs, homeopathics or home therapy are the ways that we supplement any dietary changes, therapy and lifestyle modification that will create change.

Here are the recommendations for each type of supplementation that you may be including in your Conscious Body program.

Dosage Times

Dosages play an important role in supporting healthy change in the body.  It normally takes up to 3 weeks to notice a change once you begin a new program.  Remedies that are to be taken with meals means either during the meal or directly after eating.  Supplements to be taken between meals means at least two hours after eating and 30 minutes before eating.  If you experience any distress with a supplement that is between meals, then take a small snack with them. 


Spagyric / Homeopathic Remedies

Because of the energetic nature to these natural dilutions, there are specific recommendations for dosage that quantify their effect.  They are taken as drops, usually 3-30 drops 2-4 times daily for an adult, but they can be given to children (1-8 drops for children 6 and older), young children under the age of 6 (1 drop for every year of age) and even infants.  The drops can be placed in the mouth directly or you can take them in 3-4 ounces of water.  If you are taking more than one remedy, you can blend them simultaneously into a single dose as long as they are the same "type", in other words, milieus, intrinsics, lymph, tox.  If you are taking remedies from different groups, then you can take them one after the other allowing at least 10 seconds in between each bottle. 

Prior to taking any of the liquid homeopathics, you must shake the bottle each time to blend the formula.  Most of these formulas are made with organic cane alcohol as the extraction agent.  The alcohol can be decocted off by using very hot water in your dose cup and allowing it to cool before taking.



All supplements can be made into a powder simply by crushing it.  This is often the best for people who do not digest well or for children.  The powder can be shaken with water or juice to blend, but not more than you can drink in one sitting.  You can also blend them into foods such as yogurt or apple sauce.


Poulticing & Topical Essential Oil Remedies

Often we will recommend a topical cream or lotion as well as poulticing with clays and oils.  Topical applications should always be done in the evenings unless otherwise suggested, and covered with a clean cotton flannel or bandage.  You should warm the area with moist heat prior to applying any topical to increase activity and absorption.  Poultices should only be rinsed off with water and are usually kept on for 30-45 minutes.  When poulticing with clay, the clay is always the last layer over any oil, chlorophyll or Phyt'Ether.

Our Vervita Essential Oil Blends are also applied topically and can be used at least once each day, or more often as needed for relief from symptoms. Place a couple of drops in each area: on the front of the forehead, the front and back of the neck, over the heart on the chest. For Soar to Sore pain relief, place a couple of drops over the area of pain.


Storage and Cautions

All remedies do best when protected from light and heat.  We also recommend never placing or storing your remedies near electronic devices as it can interfere with the energetic nature of living remedies.  Keep your remedies capped tightly to avoid evaporation or humidity.  Be sure to pay attention to the date stamp on your remedy.  This is the date at which the full potency of your remedy begins to lessen gradually.  This means you can still take a remedy that is past this date, but it will not be as potent.

Remedies that you are currently taking can stay on the counter or in a cabinet as long as the temperature is not above 80 degrees.  For those that you aren't currently taking or during high heat, keep them in the refrigerator to maintain their potency longer.  Some probiotics should be refrigerated to prevent them from being exposed to heat over 80 degrees.

Consider using a small, dorm-size refrigerator to store your protein powders, supplements and even fruit and vegetable snacks.  This also reduces crowding in your main refrigerator and this can even be put in a bathroom or office for easy access.  Try using the vegetable drawers for your supplements, or consider getting storage bins that fit on the shelves to separate your current supplements from your stored supplements. 

If you are pregnant, nursing, receiving chemotherapy, are on blood thinners or other prescription medication, or have recently had a serious cardiac event or recent surgery, then please be sure that you are consulting with one of our therapists or Naturopathic physicians regularly while taking natural remedies.