Evaluating Your Breast Health

The first step to healthy breast tissue is to know the level of breast health that you currently have.  

Many problems that affect the breast tissue are silent, without symptoms.  Even malignancy is generally silent.  So the best way, the only way, to prevent breast cancer is to identify the ways in which your breast tissue needs to improve.

The Basics of Breast Health

Breasts are an amazing aspect of the human body.  They are at once a source of life, a definition of self, a social taboo and a source of fear.  Women live with the fear that their breast tissue may harbor hidden disease and have no real way of knowing that their breast tissue is healthy.  We are often completely oblivious to how healthy our breast tissue actually is until the day that a problem appears on a mammogram … until the day that a biopsy says we have cancer.

Given all that the breast tissue is, one thing it is not, is understood.  In fact, most textbooks do not even discuss the function of a healthy breast.  That is mostly because there is so little that the medical community understands about the breasts.  Many doctors assume that the breasts have no function until the birth of a baby at which point the breasts become functional for a period of time, after which they return to their natural "dormant" state.  There is virtually no other part of the body that only has function for so limited a period of time. 

Or does it?  

Actually there is substantial evidence to show that the breasts are storage areas, they interact with our digestive immunity, they react to emotional states and they control our hormones.  But because of the general lack of knowing, the breasts are ignored or even feared when it comes to health.  It is vitally important for us to explore the mysteries of breast tissue and develop an understanding of their structure, physiology and life process so that we can learn how to prevent breast cancer and breast disease conditions.

The Conscious Body Breast Health Assessment

You may not realize that there are more than 20 factors that determine your breast health and your risk of breast cancer.  Some of these are commonly known, while others are not.

Take our breast health assessment.  This will give you an idea of the general health of the breasts and the challenges that you should address to improve your breast health.  Your score is based on the number of "yes" responses that you generate.  Our test is anonymous and secure.  Begin with knowledge ....

Initial Thermography Breast Scan

Initial Thermography Breast Scan

Second Breast Scan 2 months later

Second Breast Scan 2 months later

Restoring Your Breast Health

Here at Conscious Body Natural Medicine, we have a specialized program of support and care for all phases of breast health.  Whether you have a few concerns, or some serious concerns, we can help to support and even improve the health of the breasts.

  • Our European Thermography Testing evaluates not only breast tissue but organs, glands, lymphatic flow, general circulation and most importantly regulation of tissue.

  • Nutritional concentrates to improve vitamins, minerals and enzymes within the breast tissue.

  • Herbal medicinals that have been proven to help reduce cysts, balance female hormones and dramatically improve breast health.

  • Decongestive Lymph Drainage works to open the delicate and essential pathways of fluid for immune cells, toxin removal and normal cellular growth factors.

  • Energetically activated clays & oils can be used at home to topically treat the breast tissue with our specialized poulticing, reducing rough and bumpy skin, irregularities in the breast tissue and improving circulation.Ou