The Miracle of Taz

So my Siamese cat's name is Taz.  She typically will only eat a few types of organic cat food, and definitely refuses raw.  So she's much like the rest of us... we should eat more raw since that is the healthiest and the most nutrient-dense, but that mac and cheese is just too good to resist! Recently I took Taz to the vet (a wonderful woman who puts Calming homeopathic liquid on her hands and rubs them all over Taz - the only time in her life Taz actually stops being psycho) and discovered that Taz's kidneys are not doing as well.  This isn't any great surprise since my last two Siamese died of kidney failure and Taz just had her 16th birthday (which is major old for a Siamese).

So I decided to try veterinary formulas from Standard Process (which is the line I use for myself!, well obviously not the veterinary ones...).  I thought the bottles were really cute with a little kitty on them and they have one for kidney issues.  So I took it home thinking of all the ways I could crush the tablet, or disguise it, or distract Taz while I shove it down her throat, or dissolve it in something, etc., etc.  I had visions of massive flying fur and wrestling with her on the sofa trying to get the tablet into her, and I even came close to fainting when I realized that the dose is TWICE a day!

But, miraculously when I opened the bottle, she came running and begged for the tablet.  I gave her one and she gobbled it down like it was chocolate mousse kitty style.  And it's been that way ever since!  So I've now decided to really recommend all the veterinary formulas for doggies and kitties because they really LOVE them and they're so healthy!

So have no fear, no gloves or restraints required!