I Hear Voices

We make fun of people who hear voices, but listening to your inner voice is not so crazy.  I always tell people when I'm working with them, to listen to that inner voice and to weigh information in light of it.  Your inner voice is where healing begins.  It is where all the knowledge and information about your body, your mind and your health is found.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that your inner voice directs the healing process.  But what if you can't hear it? In our technology-heavy world, there are so few places and moments of stillness, and without that uninterrupted stillness, you can't hear that inner voice even if it's shouting... and believe me, it is often shouting.  Allergies, headaches, inflammation, slow healing, skin eruptions, vision changes are all the shouts of your inner voice trying to direct healing.  And it's often trying to direct it with more disorganized extras than Joseph Mankiewicz's Cleopatra.  Just imagine how many make-up people Elizabeth Taylor needed!

This is where the idea of vacation comes in, literally.  The word vacation comes from the latin word vacare meaning "to be unoccupied".  That is a very different idea than most people's actual vacation plans.  There are more vacations than I can count where I've come home more tired and worn out than when I left.  I need a vacation from my vacation.

But the idea of spending time unoccupied is exactly when healing begins.  It is what allows the body to speak quietly and for all of the body's parts to listen.  It is the very description of "directing" healing.  For our own health and healing, we can't just pop vitamin pills, get a colonic, have a massage and hope for the best.  We also have to step away from our lives periodically.  Put aside the technology toys and turn off the television.  Silence the radio, turn off the phone and avoid the e-mails.  STEP AWAY FROM THE IPOD!

This is the essence of intuition, and although we kid each other about female intuition and the idea of psychics, the truth is that we are all intuitive if we just take the time to listen to the inner voice ... wait in stillness long enough to recognize the information as it is given to us, to get a true sense of things.  You have all the answers to every symptom your body creates... just listen.