Treatment for Life

Recently on NPR there was an article detailing the latest findings concerning HIV.  It said that many studies had now shown that if an HIV positive person was tested early enough and began treatment immediately, that the possibility of spreading HIV as well as the potential for developing AIDS, reduces dramatically.  In fact, it is looking as though this may be the way to stop the AIDS epidemic completely.  That is, if everyone complied. This is not a new concept.  The idea that we live with viruses for our entire lives is a fact.  When you are exposed to a virus, any virus, it will always remain in your body at an untraceable level, ready to rise to the occasion any time your immune system is challenged or compromised.  You can imagine that as we age, the volume of viruses we are hosting will grow exponentially.  Another fact about viruses that is important to know is that they can do nothing without a host.  Once they are hosted, they can begin to reproduce and spread, and it is often the byproducts of this process that creates symptoms and weakens our own body systems.  So essentially viruses are parasites.

The fact that viruses live off of our own bodies makes it clear that the more nutritional resources you have, the healthier you will be, because if you have a limited amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins, then sharing it with viruses leaves even less for you .... i.e. fatigue!  The healthier you are, the less you will be troubled by the symptoms of the viruses you carry.  We can live our entire lives to the ripe old age of 100 with viruses along for the ride.

Which brings us back to the idea of treatment for life.  As the NPR article pointed out, you can live as an HIV positive person making HIV daily treatment a part of your life.  This is the essence of the philosophy of natural medicine.  There are natural options that support your body's ability to live with almost any condition and prevent that condition from taking over.  In this way you can live with Hepatitis C, cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, colitis and now obviously HIV.  By keeping your body resources at a high level, and finding the tools to manage the inherent weaknesses your body experiences, whether a weak gallbladder, a missing spleen or a tempermental thyroid, you can live a healthy, productive life for the rest of your life.

The secret is to make daily treatment a fact of life.