Has It Really Been 15 Years?

ISIS has had an amazing journey of adding therapists, changing therapists, moving locations and helping more than 13,000 people.  When I write that number, it just astounds me!  13,000 people that have come to us looking for natural answers to their complex questions. I thought when I started ISIS in 1997 that it would only be a matter of time before we would be working closely with physicians helping to provide a holistic view of symptom and disease resolution.  But as you know, that hasn't happened.  I think this is the most distressing piece.  I can't believe that doctors don't take the time to utilize the knowledge we have and the experience that we can bring to a patient's case.  I even have doctors as clients at the clinic and yet, they won't tell their patients about natural options.  I still in 2012 have clients that tell me their doctors have told them that natural medicine is ineffective and even dangerous, and yet there is not one single case in the WORLD of natural medicine causing death, when a number of studies and reports state that pharmaceutical drugs, taken correctly, are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. Why do doctors continue to prescribe medications as a first step in treatment, instead of nutritional changes, detoxification cleanses, vitamins and minerals and natural remedies?  Why do doctors refuse to listen to the holistic voice until it's on countless ads on television?  I have even had doctors tell me that despite the evidence, studies, reports and history that show gut bacteria as a core factor in health and immunity, they didn't really believe it until Jamie Lee Curtis told them about it in Activia ads.  This is what I hope changes in the next 15 years ... that physicians begin to refer patients to us when the condition is not acute, or if they want to provide natural support during conventional treatment (such as Eleuthero tablets during radiation treatment or Milk Thistle with every prescription drug that causes liver damage).

I began ISIS with the ideas in my head, three enthusiastic students and a handful of colonic clients.  Now that we have so many clients that believe in the options we provide, and utilize our therapies and natural remedies on a regular basis, I would love to hear from you.  Please take a moment and send me an e-mail telling me about your experience at ISIS, or with a suggestion of something you would like to see us offer, or a therapy that you have had great success with ... really anything!  I want the next 15 years to be another incredible journey!  Dr. Karen S. Clickner, R.N.D., Director of ISIS Holistic Clinic. karen@isisboston.com