The Intuitive Self

How many times have you listened to someone tell you something that you know is not true?  One of the things I tell every patient I see is that whatever you intuitively feel are the health concerns with your body, are true.  One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is to invest ourselves in opinions, diagnoses, situations and relationships that block our intuitive voice and take us further and further from the path our body was meant to tread. If you see your early life as being a day by day travel along a path, and then see the choices you have made, the situations you have faced, the rough waters that you have navigated ... you will see where you have "left" your path.  As soon as you leave that path, you will develop an uncomfortable physical symptom.  That symptom will continue while there is still time for you to acknowledge that you are lost in the woods, and return to your path.  If you don't, your body will learn to live with your journey on the new path and the symptom will dissipate.  But now things will be more of a struggle because are not walking with the energy of the universe aiding your journey.  Instead you are tacking into the wind, and your sail is flapping madly which creates uncomfortable and even dangerous vibrations throughout your entire being.

I know.  This sounds a bit Twilight Zone, but I honestly have found this to be inherently true.  No matter what, do not lose your connection with your inner voice, with that intuitive guide.  If you think something is wrong, then something is wrong, no matter what your doctor or anyone else might say.  Do not simply accept a diagnosis or a situation as fact, when your intuition tells you it isn't.  When you hear something that is true for you, you will have an emotional reaction to that, which is exactly what happens every day in my office.  Why do you think I have kleenex and a couch?

People need to process that reconnection and reinfuse their entire body, every cell and tissue, with their soul.  It is this reconnection that allows their body to begin to heal, to bring forth all the imbalances and unresolved issues they have experienced since leaving their path, just like briars, thorns, leaves and debris that you accumulate as you stride through the depths of the woods.  You have to shed all of that for your body to free up the energy it needs to heal.  As you heal, you retrace your steps back to the path and when you finally step onto your path, the ease with which you breathe, make decisions and live is astounding.

It is my job, my passion and my talent to help you find your way back.  That is the beauty and miracle of holistic health.