The Quickening

I loved the movie Highlander.  Not just because I love Sean Connery when his brogue is broader than the Corrieshalloch Gorge.  But because it is one of the most basic concepts in life, literature and the pursuit of happiness.  Absorbing the energy of things around us.  That is what we do day in and day out.  Whether it is sunlight, water or the food we eat. When you think about it literally, we are experiencing a Quickening every day, multiple times each day.  Every time we eat, we are taking in the energy of that food, which is what gives us the energy for our day.  So the amount of energy that your food contains determines the amount of energy your body will have that day.  This is the very essence of eating living foods - the more alive it is, the more energy it has.  The more boxed, packaged, cooked, processed, the less energy it has.  Many of us are actually eating dead things, like scavengers.  How much energy will that give us?

Even the word Quickening, gives you a very real sense of what the absorption of energy can do for you.  Do you see older people who are walking slower and slower, bent over, even shuffling?  They don't have enough energy.  But the truly scary thing is that we are seeing this is younger and younger people because they have been raised on dead food.

And it isn't just food - it's also water.  We used to drink water from streams, bubbling springs, waterfalls.  Now we drink water from pipes, stored and shipped and stored again in plastic bottles.  Have you looked at the expiration date on bottles of plastic water - it's not even in the same year as when it was bottled?  How can drinking water sealed in plastic for more than a year be healthy?  How much energy can you get from that?

This is what led me to my passion for Kangen Water, because it is living water, full of energy.  I even feel different when I drink it, just as I feel different when I eat more vegetables and fruits.  The further from nature our energy source is, the less energy we receive.  Just like the sun.  The closer you are to the sun, the more energy you receive from its light.  We need to pay attention to our need for that Quickening every day, just like Christopher Lambert did.