Now we have all known commitmentphobes.  Usually men, usually the great-looking men with flashing smiles who smell great and say all the right things.  But we are all commitmentphobes of one sort or another.  Lack of commitment in a job, lack of commitment to a place to live.  It's amazing that commitmentphobes really do not have any idea what commitment brings you.  It moves you into a completely different realm.  Whenever you can commit to something, you can create something new.  Without commitment, you can't have creation.  In business, committing to people is what moves a business forward, while lack of commitment means the business is spending its days putting our fires and managing crisis - never creating. That's especially true of your health.  Commitmentphobe clients come into the clinic only when they have multiple symptoms, waiting until they have been feeling like crap for weeks or months, until they just can't find a solution.  Then they only want to change things for as short a time as possible until they feel better, and can go back to their usual day to day.  They feel as though occasional health is sufficient.  What they forget or ignore is that the body is ticking away day in and day out making cells, creating hormones, using energy.  How often is it the ticking of creation vs. the ticking of a time bomb like cancer?  Cancer isn't something that drops on us out of the sky.  It begins as one tiny cell that slowly and gradually grows into something that produces symptoms, which is when we have an inkling that something is amiss.

But the clients that are the healthiest, are those that have created their own health by creating the body that expresses that health.  They are committed to their health, not just when they feel like crap, but every day.  The life they live creates, while the life of a commitmentphobe rises only to the median point.  Each time it falls below the line, they do just enough to bring it back to the line, but never moving above the line into uncharted territory.  It's just like the worker who only does just enough to get by, never going above that median line to actually create something new.

You can choose to get massage therapy when your muscles are so tight you're in danger of herniating a disc in your back.  But if you committed to the idea of getting massage  on a regular basis, it would actually change your muscles into a pliable system that would allow you to dance through your day instead of simply walking through your day.  It would change your body, not just treat your body.

The same is true of vitamins, whole foods, colonics, lymphatic drainage, ChiroWellness and exercise.  You have to commit to get real change.  It is that change that allows you to create.