Are You Ready to Change?

I have been in Holistic Health for 25 years and occasionally, I would love to think VERY occasionally, a patient doesn't improve, despite my very best effort.  When this happens, my patient will look me square in the eye and want to know why.  Well, it's actually taken me 25 years to realize that getting well isn't just about taking vitamins, sipping herbal extracts, getting colonics or taking up yoga.  It's making all of those things part of a mindset.  A mindset to get well.  And in order for that mindset to be present, you have to believe that you can actually feel differently.  You have to be able to imagine yourself with more energy.  You have to envision a life without needing four cups of coffee and your afternoon sugar fix. Because the very first thing you have to do, is identify and become aware of all the tiny little webs that hold onto your habits and give you a sense of control over your life. For these webs not only provide you with a sense of support and control, they bind you into patterns that you then reenact every day. So each time you simply give in to the pattern, you give up the chance to change.  And if you treat your body tomorrow the same way you did today, then you will have the same symptoms tomorrow as you had today.

You have to be willing to give up control in order to change. This means defining your daily life aside from symptoms and chronic problems, and not giving a needed meaning to illness. You have to be willing to imagine your life without your symptoms in order to make that life happen.

Healing means bringing your mind, body and lifestyle into balance and focus in order to achieve the goal of wellness.  So when you wake up tomorrow, try to imagine a different daily routine.  Try to imagine that you take ten minutes in the morning for some stretching, or that you take a water bottle with you in the car, or drive slower and try to look at the things around you.  Even small changes in all the control mechanisms of your day can create space for something new to enter your life - like healing.