Color Pretends to Be Realistic

Recently a very wise man said this to me.  It really made me stop and think.  Color pretends to be realistic.  Which really means that what we see as a color is not real, it just seems real.  Which is literally true because colors are simply varying vibrations of light which give us the appearance of color. Now if this is true, it also means that all color is vibrating constantly.  The different vibrational wavelengths of light affect us differently.  This is a concept that has been toyed with for thousands of years.  Purple for power, red for passion, white for purity, etc.  This has carried over into flowers, paint colors and even the realm of health and healing.  Chromalight therapy is the concept that these varying vibrations bring about a shift in our body at a cellular level even through the skin.  Different applications of light can enhance detoxification, cellular renewal, increase circulation, relax nerves and much more.

This is a large reason for the effectiveness of our lymphatic drainage.  The use of vibrational light to bring about change beneath the skin.  This is why the effects of Phyto Lymphatic Drainage last longer than the effects of manual lymph drainage.  Because of the use of light.

I even see the results of this every time clients at the clinic comment on our wall color.  I must have passed out the information for that wall color a thousand times since we first opened in Brookline Village.  They can't believe that the color changes depending on how they look at it.  Well, they shouldn't believe that because it really is based on the angle of light.  In some areas it appears raspberry, and in others brown.  But it is the same color throughout - just the vibration changes.

Just imagine how vibrational light can change your body!