The Stress of Being the Alpha Male

Recently I've had a number of male patients come in complaining of either searing abdominal/pelvic pain when they cry for joy, or experience some blood mixed with their semen.  Now there is always the chance that there is an infection and this should be checked out first thing.  But in all of these cases, there was no infection and yet the problem continued. What actually seems to be case is that in each of these patients, their alpha male egos had led them to believe they could lift anything, have a six-pack with daily abdominal work, carry more weight than their car or break cement bricks with their head.  The truth is they had so overused their abdominal/pelvic girdle that they had strained their entire abdominal/pelvic fascia creating micro-tears in the muscles and allowing small amounts of blood from tiny capillaries to infiltrate pelvic tissues, the prostate and the penis.  This can lead to blood in semen, pelvic/abdominal pain and even prostate problems.  By clenching those muscles it prevents proper circulation, nutrition and oxygen from reaching these important pelvis areas.

So what do I recommend?  Rest, rest, REST!!!!  Healing these tissues takes time.  But I also use Gotu Kola Complex tablets, Myotrophin/Cardiotrophin PMG, and Cyruta Plus tablets.  Pay attention to what you're doing and be sure to protect yourself from overuse and strain of the abdominal muscles.  If you're in an occupation that requires extensive lifting, abdominal strain, etc., then use a brace or space out the work you need to do.  Don't risk your future, Alpha Male!