Do You Really Believe That You Can Heal?

Every patient I see gives me a list of their symptoms, a dictionary definition of their diagnosis and a very definite idea about what is going on.  That was where I began to realize that there are people who are not ready to heal.  When I would ask a patient what they honestly believe is going on in their bodies, one of two things would happen.  Either they know exactly what is going on... and they're always right.  Or they claim to not have any idea and their eyes drift around the room.  Those are the ones.  The ones that aren't ready to heal. We all have a history - a place from where our bodies have come along with our hearts and our soul.  Little do we realize how much that history carries forward with us into our future, how much our future is determined by the way in which we have emerged from our past.  There really is some truth in the idea of cleansing.  Cleansing our history is necessary for us to move forward, the same as cleansing our bodies.  Often the biggest reason that someone isn't ready to heal is because they have a lot of cleansing still left to do.  You can't heal if the wounds are still clogged with dirt, germs and dead tissue.  And it doesn't matter if the wound is deep in your heart or only skin deep.

The first step is to recognize what you are still carrying from your past, what is holding you back and forcing you to walk forward in the same way that you have walked to this point.  Once you recognize the patterns, you can let them go and envision a new life, a new body and a new health.  You have to be able to see yourself differently than you are now in order for you to become different than you are now.

The second step is to cleanse.  Cleanse your house, your possessions, your environment and your body.  There is so much more to gain from cleansing than simply better bathroom habits!  And the process of cleansing will point out to you what specific things need more special attention.  That is when you should come and sit in front of me and ask for the next step.  When you know what the problem is, and when you are ready to see yourself somewhere else...