Why Your Cure Isn't Just Black or White

Human Body Black and White.jpg

Recently I have had a number of physicians, medical clinics and even other naturopaths ask me why I get such incredible results with people’s conditions. Well, this isn’t always the case, but when it is I can tell you exactly why … because I don’t look at the body in black and white. Many of us either due to chronic stress or simply too many responsibilities have reduced our lives to black and white. Too much color, too much feeling is often difficult to endure and overwhelming in our day to day.

“Depression is a condition where everything is seen in black and white". - Louise Hay

But true healing from Lyme Disease, Lupus, chronic migraines, debilitating depression, endometriosis and even cancer means seeing the body in color. It means experiencing each person’s condition as unique and devoid of labels. Diagnosis has become simply the applying of a label. This overlooks the fact that each person’s condition is occurring within a “fingerprint” environment … their inner body. No two people’s fingerprints are the same, just as no two people’s body environments are the same. So Lyme Disease in one person will never be Lyme Disease in another person. This explains why antibiotics might work for one and simply debilitate another.

So when I face a new patient I make sure I have no preconceived ideas about their condition despite the black and white view they may have. Here are some of the typical black and white statements I hear from patients in their first appointment:

"I tested positive for Lyme so my symptoms are because of the Lyme."

"I already tried everything natural and nothing has worked."

"I eat healthy so my disease can't be because of my diet."

"Everything began after I was traveling but my doctor tested everything and nothing is wrong."

"My mother had the same problem so it must be genetic."

"I haven't had a Herpes outbreak in years and I take medication so this can't have anything to do with that."

The first step is to bring in the color. I do this by explaining in nauseating detail how the body works and help each person to look at their condition not as something gone wrong, but as the body trying to do something right. The body is self-regulating and if we leave it alone it is designed to return to balance, much like the Russian tumble toy known as a nevalyashka. No matter what we do to our body it can regain balance. So we need to evaluate why it is unable to do that.

This is almost always a combination of three things: nutritional deficiency, unresolved physical or emotional trauma and immune failure. By looking at all three of these components it becomes clear what the pattern of the condition is. Then treatment can begin … and be followed as the body unfolds and releases toxins, emotions and cellular debris creating space for new cells and new ways of thinking.

Committing to this unfolding as a journey, unique to each individual, is the key to successfully resolving even the most debilitating and chronic of conditions. This means weeks and even months of changes in your daily diet, natural medicinals, natural therapies, talking, realizing and accepting. The longer the symptoms have been present, the longer the journey back to health will be. But it is a necessary journey.

Once you accept that your body is full of color, then you can never again look at the world in black and white.

Karen Clickner