Don't Hate Your Period!

I want to stand up and say that I think the idea of taking a pill so that you only have one period every three months is the worst possible thing a woman can do!  Well, maybe not THE worst, but close.  First of all, the symptoms that many women experience with their period such as cramps that make you fall to your knees on a Comm Ave sidewalk, bloating that feels like you swallowed the Michelin man, crying at a comedy show or REALLY imagining what it would be like to decapitate people walking past you. The truth is that any discomforting symptom is NOT normal with a period and is an indication of an imbalance that needs to be corrected.  Taking any hormonal prescription is not a solution, as it doesn't address the imbalance that exists.  Often, such symptoms are due to liver congestion or an imbalance of estrogen cycling throughout the month.  Try a good liver cleanse or begin with the most important herb on the planet for women, Chaste Tree, which is the solver of all female ills except perhaps your bed companion's snoring.  Cramp Bark is the best for reducing the cramping, but often this is because of a tipped uterus that is an easy, if somewhat embarrassing fix!

But the real thing to remember is that your period is important, and not just in the reproductive ability sense.  I truly believe that a woman's period is another pathway of detoxification for the body.  It is the most direct way for all of your reproductive organs to cleanse, and let's face it, there have probably been some pretty questionable things that have found their way in there over the years... By reducing the frequency of your periods, you may be actually preventing proper cleansing of your body.  In fact, if you have excessive or frequent periods, your body may actually be trying to eliminate something.

So instead of dreading your period, try to listen to what it is telling you about your body.  Don't jump to hormonal solutions which can change your body's natural cycle forever....  For more information, read my articles about Women's Health at