What Are We Passing On?

So I was out in the garage the other day and decided that I had had enough of all the spiders making their home all over the place.  So I broke out the pseudo-fire hose and began to blow them all to kingdom come.  And it occurred to me as they were being blasted to smithereens, that some of them were quite stubborn and no matter how much I blasted their webs, they stayed put, while others were gone in an instant.  Was it chance or design?  Thinking about spiders thinking is a little out there for me, but it did make me realize that natural selection is alive and well in our world. When we conceive children, we are truly passing on everything that is us.  I realized just how much when I recently watched the amazing documentary on The Genographic Project.  The fact that our DNA carries the entire history of our development back to our original ancestor, is absolutely amazing!  But it also made me realize that so many of our health future is determined by our health past, and much of this is genetic.  I have had so many clients tell me that something they have to suffer with is genetic or hereditary, as though it's fate.  But the truth is we, as a species, have developed and mutated and changed from generation to generation, passing along the strongest survival characteristics to our offspring.  The fact that you are reading this is proof that your ancestors had what it took to survive.

So think about what you are passing on to your children.  Have you led a healthy life, eaten the right foods, cleansed your body periodically, exercised your muscles, relaxed your mind, expanded your horizons and taken advantage of opportunities?  The truth is that we pass on more than just physical aspects in our DNA.  We pass on learned behaviors, experiences and modes of handling challenges.  All of these are what truly determine our longevity.  The habits that you develop now will translate into microscopic changes that will be included in your children.  Any changes that you make will also negate some microscopic aspects that you have inherited from your parent.  That's enough for me to eat healthy every day!

So if you're worried about all the bad, bad, bad things you've done then you will be relieved to know that your cells reproduce daily... so there's always tomorrow.