Are You Too Tired to Sleep?

I remember my sister telling me that she was too tired to sleep.  I used to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of that statement.  But it turns out she was absolutely right. 

The fact is that we think of sleep as a passive, completely restful state.  But in fact it is a very active state that requires energy because of the restoration, healing and processing that occurs during the sleep hours.  This is why the Chinese horary cycle designates times throughout the night to each organ, because during that time energy is being provided to that organ for its needed "maintenance" for the next day's challenges.

When someone just cannot sleep, it's time to look at what they have been managing in their lives.  Often it will be after an illness, just before an illness, after traveling, after completing a project ... you will think that you are so exhausted you will fall right into bed, which you do, only to stare at the clock. 

Providing support such as Rhodiola & Panax Ginseng or Withania in the morning, can really help to support your daytime energy so that you have energy leftover at the end of the day to sleep.  Another trick is to be sure to eat a small snack before bed so that your digestive process continues into your sleep.  This not only creates collateral energy, but it also keeps your blood sugar stable for longer into the night.  People who often wake up during the night may simply be at a point where their blood sugar is too low, especially if they creep into the kitchen to raid the frig.

So if insomnia is your nightly companion, then try freeing up some daily energy for that much-needed slumber.

Karen Clickner