The Cell Phone Realization

Recently the concern about the effects of wireless and EMF radiation on the human body has grown exponentially. This is partly to do with the realization that we are now layering wireless throughout our homes, our workplaces, public spaces and our lives. We are generally being exposed to wireless signals 24 hours a day every single day. More and more government offices are employing wireless technology for Smart Meters, machinery, audits and even door to door census. We’ve even acknowledged all of this by the very fact that we have privacy settings on our wireless. This is to prevent someone from two houses down the street piggybacking on our wireless signal. Do you realize that we’re saying that even when children are playing in the yard, they are being exposed to countless wireless signals. Our cell phones are constantly staying tuned to various cell signals so that we have instant access to not just our phone, but the internet, news, texting, What’s App and gaming.

So here are a couple of exercises for you. First, sit down with your laptop the way you normally use it. Now, is it on your lap (after all it’s called a laptop)? Does your laptop also show you when your cell phone rings? Does it ping you when you get a text? In fact, the laptop radiation is extending out from the device a number of feet, but it is the strongest within 6 inches of the device. So aren’t you just a little bit nervous about your liver, your spleen, your pancreas, your heart, your genitalia? Are you having fertility problems? Are you experiencing A-Fib? Now where is your cell phone? It’s right next to you, isn’t it? Is it in your pocket perhaps? Your cell phone has 5 separate antennas that are all constantly searching for and in touch with wireless signals.

Cell phone providers began with 2G networks, then it was 3G, they were so proud to give us 4G and now they’re upgrading to 5G. But what does the G mean? It means Bandwidth. It’s faster because it’s a greater bandwidth, but the greater the bandwidth, the greater the radiation. In fact, it is known to be especially faster in response time between devices because it is acting more as an umbrella speeding and enhancing radio wave transmission.

Do you suffer with sleep apnea? Do you sleep with your cell phone beside your bed, perhaps within inches of your head? Are you soothing your child by letting them hold tablets or phones in their lap, in front of their faces, beside their heads or even going to sleep with it? Even while we are sleeping, wireless radiation is still affecting us, still permeating our homes and our bodies. During sleep our body is supposed to be repairing and rejuvenating itself, but this process may be disrupted with the constant interference of electrical radiation. This may be a huge factor in the incidence of chronic illness.

So here is the second exercise. Take your phone and go to your Settings, now go to General, then About and now scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see Legal. Under legal, there is a tab for RF Exposure. This is basically telling about SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) which refers to the rate at which the body absorbs RF energy. Your cell phone is set to just under the maximum allowable exposure by FCC standards. The problem with this is two-fold. Despite stating that the phone has been tested against the head and the body, the truth is that testing is only done in short-term situations, not constantly throughout the day as the average person actually uses their phone. It also states there are many situations that have not been tested including different cases that we put on our phones or the use of accessories. It also states that the phone SHOULD NOT be carried closer than 5mm from the body. WHY? Because the cell phone manufacturer is acknowledging the effect of SAR energy on the body. It is a release of liability to tell you this.

The scary fact is that clinical trials have determined that most cell phones not just exceed the SAR limit stated, they can be as much as 500% more, especially when carried in a pocket or against the body.

So here are a few options to help you. Stop giving in to the idea of constant availability of information and communication.

  • Realize that you can limit this by turning off your wireless devices and modem throughout the day when not in use and especially for the night while sleeping.

  • Turn off your cell phone at night or put it in Airplane mode to limit it to the features within the phone itself like the alarm.

  • Do not use devices in the bedroom and especially do not sleep with your device powered on next to your bed. What’s wrong with an old-fashioned alarm clock?

  • Look into various devices that help to limit the wireless signal to specific areas of your house.

  • Consider using wired options for your home, such as in your office space instead of relying on wireless.

  • Do not allow children to use wireless devices and limit their exposure to screens and electronics. Their bodies are very small and the amount of RF exposure is exponentially greater because they are smaller.

For more information, start reading! Here is a great article that is thoroughly researched and has various graphs and videos to view. Click here

The important consideration is to guard the health of yourself and your family by limiting the things that can be damaging.

Karen Clickner