Are Your Chronic Headaches Your Childhood Calling?

So much is written about the ways in which our childhood experiences shape our adult life.  How we make decisions, our emotional world and even the smells that can bring back memories... all are products of our early years.  We realize that the tendencies and even quirks of our parents become an unconscious part of how we are as adults.  So why do we not realize that our health is also a part of this upbringing? Homeopathics was one of the first disciplines to address emotional symptoms just as directly as physiological symptoms.  And since our emotional life is tied to our experiences as children, so is our physiological life.  The illnesses and symptoms that your parents lived with, may not be genetic, but they are definitely a part of your body's immune pattern.  As you read more and more of the recent research,  it becomes clear that our immune system isn't just a "system", it's more like a living thing unto itself. It doesn't just react, it predicts, it adapts and it prevents.  The ways in which our immune system anticipates is mysterious until you view it in light of your childhood experience.

So just as we absorb information and develop coping mechanisms during our formative years, we also are developing a pattern for our future health.  One great example is that myself and my two sisters all grew up with a condition known as paroxysmal tachycardia.  It means that periodically the heart will actually spasm slightly and the heart rate will begin to race.  It was always curious as to why we should all have that when neither of our parents had this condition, nor anyone in our family that we know of.

Then when I first was reading books on Chinese medicine, I came across the concept of emotions being related to organs.  The heart is related to shock and sorrow.  And as a child one of the most shocking and sorrowful events is the loss of a parent, particularly if it occurs suddenly and not as the result of a slow disease process.  My father died when I was 11, so it suddenly became very clear why all three of us had developed the same condition.

I've often wondered with clients that have tinnitis, whether they lived in a household where their parents argued often, or there were many siblings and accompanying noise?  Is an adult with headaches a child who cried often? Why do we outgrow childhood allergies after years of suffering?  How is depression common in children of depressed parents?

It is worth exploring everything you know about your parents emotional and physical health as well as chronicling the events of your own childhood experiences.  You may often find answers to nagging symptoms without ever having to go to the doctor.  Or simply try a homeopathic remedy for your symptoms as well as for the emotions that you feel when you get your symptom.  They will often remind you of something buried deep in your childhood, the very thing which you have carried with you all these years...