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Are We Facing A Sterile Future?

When we were kids, some of my fondest memories were rolling down a grassy hill, slinging mudballs at my sister and eating snow (well, not the yellow or dirty snow!).  Now everything is antibacterial, kids live in sterile capsules and we are constantly washing everything in sight. 

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Is There Nothing Left That Doesn't Use a Battery?

Over the past couple of years I have been spending more time with my friend's children.  It reminds me of my grandfather's stories about walking 400 miles to school each day through the snow in the same pair of shoes for 18 years.  What brings up those reminiscences are the sheer tsunami-size flood of toys that require batteries. 

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Janet Leigh Isn't the Only One Being Killed in the Shower

As many of you know, over the last year I have become much more aware and knowledgeable about water.  That focus has brought into focus just how much water affects us in ways we may not even pay attention to, namely on the surface of our skin in our baths and showers. 

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