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Can Food Treat Your Illness?

I think we all agree that you can't underestimate the impact food and your daily diet have on your health.  But the most common concept patients have when they walk in my door is that simply changing their diet will cure their illness.  That's asking a lot given that it's so difficult to get food that is free of chemicals, pesticides, growth hormones, environmental toxins and even genetically modified material.  Then when you do, how long can you wait for change to take place?  When you use food as therapy, which is a great thing, it can take weeks and months for the body to assimilate, create essential factors such as enzymes, new cells, hormones, and then initiate a cascade effect that ends in alleviating your symptoms.

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Are We Facing A Sterile Future?

When we were kids, some of my fondest memories were rolling down a grassy hill, slinging mudballs at my sister and eating snow (well, not the yellow or dirty snow!).  Now everything is antibacterial, kids live in sterile capsules and we are constantly washing everything in sight. 

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