Joyful Solutions

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I have noticed that many of my patients feel exhausted by the sheer effort it takes to manage their lives. Think about your typical day. How much of that day was devoted to completing as many tasks as possible? Now think about how much of your day was devoted to things that bring you joy. Did you even think about providing joy for yourself today?

I cannot underestimate the effect that joy has on our physical and mental health. But in order for joy to do its job, we have to give it the space to happen.

This means that our choices every day really do determine at a very deep level, what our health will be like. Creating joy takes effort at first, but the rewards are incredible. There is deeper breathing, difficulties seem less stressful and less overwhelming. Balance seems easier to achieve and the people in our lives notice the lightening of our being.

Why do we view joyful things as treats or rewards instead of essential pieces of each and every day? I think it's because joy doesn't have a tangible result that we can point to at the end of the day.

Please join me in posting a comment that tells us how you have created joy in your life so that others can be inspired…