Solving the Lyme Dilemma


I've been recently thinking quite a lot about Lyme Disease.  That is probably because I have been out and about photographing in remote and woodsy areas.  I've realized in the last couple of years that I have become terrified of ticks!  You are probably feeling the same because of the prevalence of Lyme Disease.  But I'm not at all worried about Lyme Disease.  I just don't want some creepy critter crawling on me and basically feeding off me.

But I think about it because I know there are so many people out there that are suffering with untreated and what they believe is untreatable Lyme.  I'm here to tell you that it is not as difficult to treat as you might think.  Why?  Because I understand that Lyme Disease is completely treatable when you accept that it is a condition, like many illnesses, that is unique to each person who is infected.

This is why one person has neurological symptoms and another has severe fatigue.  One person has symptoms for a few days, while another is in a wheelchair.  This also explains why antibiotics only work in some cases and not in others, improve with only one round in one person and don't improve at all even after months of debilitating antibiotic prescriptions for someone else.  The reason Lyme is so difficult to treat is because, like most illnesses, it cannot be understand with a two dimensional view.  And if it continues to be viewed in this way, more people will lose the quality of their lives. 

Lyme is Lyme when it is first introduced into the body.  This is rather like a perfume that has a particular scent when you smell it in the bottle.  Every bottle smells the same.  But once you put it on your skin it changes.  It begins to smell differently on each person because of the effect that person's chemistry has on the chemistry of the scent.  You can still tell it's that perfume, but it doesn't smell the same as the next person wearing the same scent. 

So when Lyme is introduced into a person's system it is the same infection as every other Lyme infection.  But as time passes it changes based on the interaction with that person's immune system, body environment and chemistry.  Remember, antibiotics work on bacteria, not on viruses, not on funguses, not on pathogens in general.  A tick bite is an infection of everything that particular tick carried.  That includes a lot more than just a bacteria, and often a lot more bacteria than just one type.

Effective treatment in natural medicine involves both prevention and treatment focused on your individual immunity.  Specific herbs and spagyric medicinals, because they are live treatments, work hand in hand with your specific immunity to create compound and enhanced resistance.  An antibiotic does not interact with your immune system, in fact depleting essential components of your immunity such as your gut and vaginal flora.  Natural medicinals will change when introduced into a person's body in response to their specific body environment similar to the illness, while antibiotics do not.  That is why a physician will often try one antibiotic after another trying to combat the illness.  That is unnecessary with natural medicine.

Recently it has become acknowledged world-wide that there are bacteria and illnesses that are becoming resistant to antibiotics.  Gonorrhea is one such illness.  The number of antibiotics that can predictably treat this STD is diminishing rapidly.  Soon it is very possible that we will have illnesses that are untreatable with antibiotics because of growing bacterial resistance.  Interestingly, this is the philosophy behind immunity.  If you are exposed to an illness, your immunity learns from that exposure and creates gradual resistance. 

But the amazing thing is that bacteria are not resistant to natural medicinals.  They cannot develop a resistance to them as they do to antibiotics because natural remedies change once introduced into a living body.  So the changes that take place in the immune system are unique to you.  You would have to be bit by the same exact tick in order for there to be any resulting infection.

The truth is that the human immune system is the most complex, misunderstood, mysterious, wonderful, amazing effect.  To support it, work with it, enhance it, balance it, is the best solution to Lyme Disease and to every future strain of illness.  It is why I'm so successful at resolving Lyme Disease symptoms even after years of infection.  If you're looking for a Lyme solution, then don't ignore the unique approach of natural medicine.

Karen Clickner