The Disadvantage of Insurance

Lots of us wish that insurance would cover natural options such as the therapies, supplements, homeopathics and testing options that we provide at Conscious Body.  But it's important for you to understand why it's better that they don't.  Insurance companies control our health care system, they control what is offered to you, what you can do, what you can choose.  Hospitals and doctor's offices will so often be forced to provide only certain things to patients, that they don't even bother suggesting something that your insurance won't cover.  This includes medications, procedures, tests and even referrals. 

Insurance makes the assumption that all practitioners are identical and that every treatment provided is identical.  Insurance tells the doctor's office what tests can be done for you, even if there are other tests that are much more effective at detecting issues and determining your treatment plan.  You aren't even allowed to request an MRI for a breast evaluation unless you have demonstrated a previous history of breast concerns.  Why is that?  Why can't we have the best option instead of the standard option? 

This is why natural medicine would do well to stay away from insurance.  I personally do not want to tell your insurance company everything you have divulged to me in an appointment, such as an emotional incident, a particular illness or a recreational drug you are taking.  But if I accepted insurance than even if you were to not claim your visit with me to your insurance company, the insurance company would require me to give them copies of all my notes in my appointment with you.  Nothing is private, and nothing is off-limits.

I have always provided whatever I think someone needs to get well, to stay well and to prevent illness.  I want to be able to do this without being told how much time I can spend with a person, what I can give them and what therapies I want to recommend.  I don't want to work with one hand tied behind my back, and that's really what insurance does. 

So think of insurance as paying for disease treatment and out of pocket as paying to keep you healthy and well and out of the hospital! 



Karen Clickner