How is Your House?

I can't remember the last winter that we had so many snowstorms, such an accumulation of lovely white frozen cadillac-sized snow drifts and icicles two floors long that you could be skewered by when you simply ring the doorbell.  Stores are sold out of snow melt, people are fighting over roof rakes, it's the battle of the snowblowers and I saw one man in the store buying out the hot packs.  

My poor sister is killing herself trying to roof rake, shovel, chop ice and finally had to give in when the dining room practically floated away with all the water leaking in, and called someone to shovel all the snow off the roof for $250.00.  Does insurance pay for all of this?  Usually not.

So how does this relate to your health?  Perfectly - if only we would prepare our bodies and our health as well as prepare for intense weather.  If only we would realize that we are facing a lot of  stress and make the time to put together a plan to minimize its effects on us.  The people who are weathering the weather the best are those that were prepared.  They have done the house maintenance necessary to brave the worst ice dams.  During a storm they keep up with the ice accumulation, keep the snow at bay.  This is exactly what we need to do with our bodies.  You can't just push yourself through every stress, every challenge, every day without preparing yourself.

It is the unexpected that costs us so much.  Flus, viruses, injuries, headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel from shoveling too much.  All of these things are preventable and when they can't be prevented, their potentially devastating effects can be minimized.  Those of us that use natural medicine to support our bodies and minimize the effects of these challenges, will weather even the worst storms.  I'm not talking about just a flu jab, which often doesn't really protect you.  I'm talking about whole food, fiber, exercise, and knowing what our weaknesses are.

This is the purpose of Thermography - to show you where you have inflammation, blocked circulation, poor lymphatic drainage.  This is the purpose of my yearly ritual of Echinacea Premium tablets and Immuplex every day which has protected all my clients from the flu successfully for many years.  It means using the FAR Infrared Sauna to loosen the muscles and get the blood flowing after hours of shoveling.  It means making sure you're sleeping enough and taking Drenamin to keep your adrenal glands in tip top shape.  It means knowing your limits and respecting your body's boundaries.  It means listening to the symptoms your body expresses without suppressing them and realizing what you need to restore your health.

Don't suffer with an unexpected burst pipe or pulled muscle!  Prepare.  

Karen ClicknerComment