Why Am I Not Getting Better?

One of the most difficult things about natural medicine is that people come to it for a solution after they have already exhausted every other option they can think of.  That's asking a lot of natural medicine to step in after a condition or symptom has become chronic.  

But the real impediments (and I mean Empire State Building impediment - am I dating myself here?) are in the mind.  Every person may have given conventional medical options months or even years to help improve their condition, but if someone that I'm working with doesn't notice something in a couple of weeks, they are disheartened ... ready to give up and throw in the towel.  So let me explain the truth here.

First, whatever the initiating problem was that led to the imbalance that created your symptom(s), is probably deeply buried now underneath tons of secondary imbalances, deficiencies, reactions and allergies.  So you first have to untangle the myriad maze of what is actually going on.  

Second, you have to bring a couple of things to the table here.  Patience and dedicated time.  Too many clients need a particular therapy as part of their healing process, but they have dentist appointments, work schedule, planned trips, tough weather, kids schedules, pet issues, money problems ... all of which make whatever they need come last on the hit parade.  Part of why people don't heal is because they do not dedicate the time in their daily life to it.  Healing is not a spontaneous event, it is a progression.  A slow and steady march to balance at which point their symptoms will become nonexistent or in some seriously chronic conditions, at least manageable.  This can't happen if you refuse to rest, don't change your diet, insist on keeping the same daily schedule that gave you all that stress to begin with!  

But the most important factor to true healing is believing that you can.  Really trusting that your body can be different than it is.  That your symptoms can, in fact, no longer be your symptoms.  One of the chasmatic (that's my new made-up word) differences between conventional medicine and natural medicine is that conventional medicine treats your body as though it is doing something wrong and needs to be controlled, forced, pushed into changing.  Natural medicine believes that every symptom is a sign that the body has an issue that needs to be addressed, a nutritional deficiency that needs to be rectified, balance that must be restored.  So in other words, your body is not doing anything wrong.  It is simply pulling the fire alarm to signal you that there is a problem.  Your fire alarm may be migraines, or an irritable bowel, or a painful period, or infertility, or body pain, or nausea, or dizziness.  All that is needed is to be able to interpret the fire alarm to see what the body is trying to tell you.  

Resolution of anything in life is not spontaneous, it takes time, patience, dedication and money.  But it also takes a belief in a different life, a different possibility.  Trust and time need to be your mantra for healing.

Karen ClicknerComment