Move Over!

Have you ever noticed when you're driving, that you can almost think that you want to move over into the next lane, and the car that's in your way obligingly moves?  It's almost like the driver can hear your thoughts.  The truth is that there are examples all around us of our thoughts having an influence on our surroundings.  Some of the most amazing examples are in our own bodies.

For years we have known that emotions and stress can affect our body, but is it just the chemical reactions or is there something deeper that is the driving force behind our health and our longevity?  In fact, our thoughts can truly release chemicals, build immunity, grow new circulatory pathways, even build new cells.  Our thoughts can actually dictate our future.  

Because of this, one of the most important things I tell my patients is that whatever their gut instinct is about their body's condition, it's probably right.  But in order for that to be true, you have to be connected to your body.  So many people have given that connection up, have lost their communication with their body.  Often this can be the result of trauma, injury, grief, loss, violation or fear.  When the communication is lost, an essential part of your ability to heal is switched off.  

This is truly how illness begins.  When someone is grieving, their thoughts are not with their body, and so the immune system is undirected.  This allows tiny tumors that would normally be engulfed and removed by the immune system, to grow and to develop the means to evade the immune system.  But if the thought communication can be restored, then it brings all your resources to bear.  

The same can be said of negative or destructive thoughts.  If we barrage our bodies with negative thoughts, then new cells, new tissues and every system is basked with those thoughts and it can truly change the health and vitality of our body at a cellular level.  

So how do we use our thoughts to our body's benefit?  Homeopathics.  One of the most amazing effects of homeopathics is to address physical symptoms through emotional and mental pathways.  This is a wonderful way to help manage our emotions, our thoughts and our worries.  

So move over and allow your thoughts to do the healing that they are meant to do.  Speak kindly to your body and to those around you.  Offer support, positivism and healing energy through your thoughts. 

Karen ClicknerComment