Will You Insure or Ensure?

Now you may think that insurance and ensurance are the same thing, but if you take the time to drag out the big, huge dictionary and blow off the dust, you'll see that they are not.  And this is an important factor when it comes to your health.  To insure your health means that you are looking for compensation for the costs involved when something goes wrong.  In other words, you're sitting around waiting for the day that disease strikes or the tree in your yard topples to the ground in the exact spot where you are sitting drinking your afternoon tea.  

Ensurance is about prevention.  You are actively taking steps to ensure that you don't become seriously ill, that you don't develop a debilitating disease that will require you to then take advantage of the insurance you have.  More and more we are having to rely on ensurance to be healthy because once you enter the maze of conventional medicine, your options are very limited and the entire goal is to diagnose your symptoms as an illness requiring medication.

This concept of prevention, of true ensurance, is a partnership between you and natural medicine.  Your job is to identify stress and put coping mechanisms in place to keep it from killing you.  You also have to truly care about the food you put in your mouth and how close it is to its natural form.  Then there is movement.  Every study on the planet makes it clear that you have to move it or you lose it.  The more you move, the more you will continue to move for the rest of your life.  Movement strengthens joints, encourages bone density, tones your muscles, pumps your blood.  There really is nothing more basic for a healthy life.

The job of natural medicine is to support the natural function of your body systems, to open your pathways of elimination so your body can cleanse itself regularly, to provide natural substances as remedies for imbalances before they become diseases.  This makes your need for insurance much less and it also makes your life more productive, more active and more satisfying.

Natural medicine is as essential to your health as eating, drinking, breathing and moving.  It is one of the only things that stands between you and chronic, debilitating disease.  

So when you complain that insurance doesn't cover natural options and why should you have to pay for them, remember the difference between insurance and ensurance.  It may cost you, but it will save you in the end.  Because what good is free care if it doesn't solve the problem?

Karen ClicknerComment