It's All in Your Head

Growing up one of the phrases that I think I heard more often than any other was "it's all in your head!".  This would usually be said in response to my stay home from school mystery illness, or when I tried to tell my mother that aliens had landed in the back yard.  But the truth is that everything really is all in our head, every symptom, every illness, every ounce of healing.  This is because the body is a living combination of chemicals and protein structures that are affected by and enervated by energy.  

In our bodies, our brain houses the structures that translate the external energies into the internal energies, and control the processes in our bodies that make this happen.  So now let's turn to physics.  Einstein famously said that energy is neither created nor destroyed.  In fact it simply changes form as it is transferred from space to space.  So our bodies are affected by electricity just as they are by an impact or a toxin or a tsunami.  How capable our body is of transferring the energy through our body without it having a damaging affect is a combination of the strength of the energy as well as our own degree of resistance as controlled by our brain.  

In natural medicine there are different forms of "therapy", each of which is a way of exposing the body to an energy.  Nutrition or concentrated food supplements provide energy from food that interacts with the energy of our digestion, which serves to provide stored energy for our cells to use.  Polarity Therapy, Reiki or even metal therapy apply a different type or frequency of energy to the body which also creates a response within our own tissues.  These remedies have come about through the observation of how the body responds to various energies over time.  

But the most interesting piece of this is the fact that our brain responds equally to the idea of swimming just as it does to our actually swimming.  The same chemicals will be released that dictate our bodies' response and the changes that will come about because of this experience.  This is why the boundary between the real and imagined is almost invisible and is constantly in motion from one person to another.  So there are people that can slow their heart, convince the body that a missing arm is still there, or react to people that no one else can see.  

Dreams are a perfect example of this.  They can convince us we are falling to the point that we wake up grabbing for support.  A memory of a lost love can make us cry.  The cascade of chemicals that occur from the ideas we have can have as strong an impact as falling off a ladder.  This is a conversation I have with patients often, especially in discussing stress and those moments and events in our lives that cause emotional stresses.  They will have as strong an impact as any physical injury, but even more, they can recreate that impact every time we are in a similar situation or remember the original event.  This can continue on a subconscious level for years.  This was the theory behind Myofascial Release Therapy, that an experience, whether physical or emotional, can continually control the position, tension or reaction of any tissue in the body.

This is also why they say that time heals all wounds, because it does ... both emotional and physical, as long as we resolve the wound along the way.  Remembering this is the key to understanding stress and the devastating effect it can gradually have on our bodies.   Spending every day flooded with chemicals that are reactions to perceived stress, can mutate our cells, rob strength from our muscles and prevent us from conceiving.  It stops our ability to repair and rejuvenate in favor of constantly shoring up our resistance.  

Our early science classes begin by telling us that everything is constantly in motion, every planet, every inch of water, every living thing, every rock.  Motion is the result of energetic forces influencing the path and trajectory of every single molecule.  This means that my rocking chair is moving even though it is always in the same spot when I get home each day.  It just isn't moving as fast as my cats.  

This basic concept of movement is also the core of health and healing.  Movement is change, so every minute, every second, our cells are moving and changing.  The energies that we apply to our bodies will have an influence, for better or worse, on the change that takes place.  So our dreams will affect us just as the food that we eat.  The amount of stress that I allow my body to experience today will determine the change that brings about my body of tomorrow.  

Introducing the energies of natural medicine in therapies, medicinals and daily practices have proven over thousands of years to shift the trajectory of the body towards greater health.  It is a process, just like a walk to a destination.  It requires use over time and becoming conscious of all the influences that we experience, chemical, physical and emotional.  

This is where the concept of Conscious Body developed.  By bringing together remedies and therapies that work through the same pathways by which we are influenced each day.  Diet, food concentrates and herbs through the chemical pathway.  Lymph Drainage, Colonics, Chiropractic and Yoga Therapies through the physical pathway.  Homeopathics and understanding through the emotional pathway.  Patients receive healing on all levels and through each pathway of influence.  This is what creates movement towards healing incrementally every day.  This is becoming a Conscious Body.


Karen Clickner