Why Should I Get Thermography Testing?

Breast Thermography Before Treatment

Breast Thermography Before Treatment

You may have heard of a type of thermal body testing called Thermography.  If you're like me you're sick and tired of "tests".  Especially ones that require a nauseating prep, hours at the doctor's office sitting on a cold chair in a hospital gown or PAIN!  Well fear not because thermography has none of that. 

First, you should know what you're signing up for.  The original Thermometry-based (temperature) scan developed in Europe uses a digital probe, rather like a highly sensitive thermometer, to touch the skin at 100 points and measure the skin temperature.  Using an algorithm, it then converts the data into pages of information on organs, glands, immune challenges and body/tissue congestion.  It doesn't just tell you where there is a temperature dysregulation or a potential congested cyst, but more importantly why.  It's the why that gives you the tools to really turn things around.  It includes not just the body scan, but a dental scan, a breast or prostate scan and a list of 6 priorities that should be addressed in your decisions about your health. 

A second type of Thermography testing developed in the US and marketed to Radiography clinics, is a simple camera method which is the equivalent of a mammogram.  It shows you a two dimensional infrared heat "picture" but that's it.  The simple report is just general information about the technology and possibilities, but it provides very little information about you, and definitely does not give you the "why".  Of course, as you can imagine, conventional physicians are recommending this superficial approach.

Breast Thermography After Treatment

Breast Thermography After Treatment

It's no surprise which is my preference and what I recommend for all my patients.  I have seen this type of Thermometry thermography show issues a year or two ahead of a mammogram and months or even years ahead of a serious illness diagnosis.  In immunity regulation, it is critical to have all this information so you can see which systems are not operating within regulation limits.  

This is the key to Regulation Thermography.  It is an incredible way for you to take charge of your body and get a view of your body's challenges anytime you wish. You do not have to wait until your doctor orders a test for you, your insurance company agrees to provide a test, or a condition has become serious enough to warrant a test. You control your own diagnosis. Once you review your Thermography results, it makes it clearer what steps you should take or what further tests might be beneficial. It gives you time to make changes in your diet, your lifestyle, to detoxify, to begin a regimen of herbs, nutrients or homeopathic remedies.

It gives you time to change the direction of your diagnosis.

Regulation Thermography is affordable, available and you can have a test as often as you would like. I recommend once a year if you are relatively healthy, more often if you have any health worries, challenges or you want to see how effective a particular treatment program has been for you!  Remember no disease, illness or symptom occurs in isolation. It is always related to changes in tissues and organs that precede symptoms you can see. This is not diagnosing disease, it is identifying the imbalances and conditions that develop into disease.

It's the first step towards resolving illness before it even begins.

Karen Clickner