Thermography Client Intake Form

Preparations for Your Test:

Please note that there are some preparations that you will need to do prior to your test in order for the results to be as accurate as possible.  Please click here to view the test preparations.

European Regulation Thermography is not just an objective test, it also allows for interpretation in light of your history and the challenges and experiences your body has had.  For this reason, we ask you to fill out this form for us prior to your test.  In this way, our interpretation of the results of your test will be able to address your concerns and your historical tendencies with a view towards the future health of your body.

First, before filling out this form, please download the Thermography Test Preparations that give you the guidelines for prior to your test.  You can download that by clicking here.   

Please make sure you complete the form and click submit before leaving this page, otherwise your information will not be saved and submitted.