I just finished the 21 Day Purification Cleanse and my cholesterol went down, I’m off all medication, I lost 5 pounds and my digestion system feels great!
— C.V.

Purification, Detoxification and Cleansing at Conscious Body

Most of us never think about detoxification or cleansing the tissues of the body.  We never imagine that our symptoms and illness may be due to an overloading of our fluid pathways with debris.  How can our body simply store plastic, hormones, heavy metals and viruses in areas of our tissues and it never affect us?  How long would you be able to store all your trash inside your house without removing it before it would overwhelm you?

It is natural for us to be exposed to toxins in our world.  Every time you burn a fire, play with your pets, use chemical cleaning agents, mow the lawn, swim in a pool, swim in the ocean, swim in a lake, drink water, eat broccoli, dig in the garden, change the batteries in our child's toy.

The answer is to not allow these toxins to accumulate.  The answer is to cleanse.

How to Cleanse Your Body

  • Take herbs and homeopathics that enhance the natural detoxification of organs of elimination such as the kidneys, liver, lungs and colon.

  • Identify what you have been exposed to in your life and include a cleanse that will address those specific exposures: parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus/mold, heavy metals like lead or mercury, exogenous chemicals and environmental pesticides, plastics, exogenous hormones, airborne allergens, free radicals and fragmented molecules.

  • If you live a very physical life with work or exercise/activity, then realize that there will be metabolites that can accumulate in tissue creating a very acidic pH in the body fluids and cells.

  • Identify any implantations that may be creating a toxic load in the body and have them neutralized or replaced with inert options: mercury fillings, non-inert crowns and caps, old dental bridges, IUDs, hormone patches.

  • Therapies to support your pathways of elimination that toxins naturally use to exit the body: Lymph drainage, FAR Infrared sauna or sweat sauna, colonic hydrotherapy, acupunture, herbal breathing treatments, fasting.

Your symptoms and the types of illnesses that you experience will determine what your individual needs for cleansing are.  But don't fool yourself by thinking you don't need to cleanse.  You may only have room for one more bag of trash ....

Pick Your Cleansing Program ...

At Conscious Body Natural Medicine cleansing is one of the most important pieces of eliminating symptoms and changing your health.  Whether you have chronic acne, terrible digestive symptoms or constant fatigue, cleansing the body can make a huge difference.  Our cleanses have been clinically studied and there are documented results with patients of lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, balanced A1C, weight loss, better sleep and incredible energy.  Just ask anyone that has done it!

Cleansing takes discipline, time and a willingness to allow your body to release toxins.  That is why we have various cleanses that work on different problems and that have different levels of commitment.  Consider our Homeopathic Detox & Drainage kit which works to relieve congestion and symptoms in the lymph, the liver and the kidneys, all with simply putting drops into the water that you drink.  Or work a bit more and do our 10 day Blood Sugar Cleanse to stabilize sugar cravings, metabolic symptoms and get your A1C under control.  

Or step up to our Conscious Body 21 Day Purification program with shakes, whole foods and light exercise.  

You have changed my life. Completely, amazingly, permanently. What I have learned while doing the 21 day cleanse has altered my view of food and my body is loving every minute of it! I can’t thank you enough!

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The Conscious Body 21 Day Purification Program: For general cleansing of the intestinal tract, blood & liver. This cleanse involves some light fasting, eating regularly with whole food, nutritional shakes and herbal supplements. This has been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and to eliminate cravings...

Minding The Microbiome: If you have had Candida, chronic IBS, acne or other bacterial problems, you should begin with restoring the normal terrain of the gut...

Parasitic Cleansing: If your digestive and body symptoms are cyclical, if your symptoms began during or shortly after traveling in a foreign country, or if you are exposed to landscaping, forests or polluted areas regularly...

Liver & Kidney Cleansing: If you have chronic allergies, psoriasis, eczema, chronic kidney, urinary or liver problems, then choose the 21 Day Purification Program and add...

10 Day Blood Sugar Cleanse: If you struggle with sugar cravings, have been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome X, are diabetic or pre-diabetic, then this program can help restore some balance to your blood sugar...

30 Days of Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways: All channels for drainage must be open prior to detoxification.  Otherwise uncomfortable symptoms can occur.  If you have tried detox programs, herbs or cleanses and experienced difficult uncomfortable symptoms then you need to open your elimination pathways.  This is also recommended when you have symptoms throughout the body and across physiological systems...

  Soluna Detox & Drainage Kit

Does a cleanse seem overwhelming to you?

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